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Divine Spirit says, “It is not about repentance! It is about coming into maturity from that of being a child to a Son…”

"As long as one is a child, they mind the things of a child. A Son put away childish things acting and doing things in a manner consistent with that of being an heir..."

Many have been duped into believing they must continually repent. It is not about repentance, it is about experiencing those things that help one grow and change or evolve into one who is full grown or into perfection as a Son. 

The Sons evolve (grow/change) from faith to faith or from one level of spirituality to another past the level of “elementary basics of the Christ”, into perfection or maturity into the “more perfect way”--having the Mind of and walking as a Christ (An anointed One), in all things! This is the process of becoming 'Teleios', knowing and walking in the Will  for one's Life-Purpose!
Teleios is a word that I have received revelation of, which I use to keep from being ‘wordy’and superfluity. Teleios means to be perfect; to be complete in ones application of labor and love; continually growing in mental and moral character; coming to spiritual completeness without wavering, to the end of one’s purpose. Teleios is coming to full statue; maturity and perfection  while enduring being  full of faith, and hope as a Christ.  Teleios is to fulfill ones Life-Purpose.

If you are one of those who believe that you must continually ask for forgiveness, it is past time to get off that roller-coaster and get down to the real issue! It is time for the people to become ‘Proactive’ not ‘Reactive’. It is time to let go of the old energy of the old paradigm and come into spiritual awareness.
Reactive behavior is a self desire to receive response to situations. Reactivity denies one's godly nature. When we resist reaction, we alter a particular aspect of our self ego giving Spirit a venue to transform our heart and mind, which is the purpose of our existence—Transformation and Restoration back into eloheem!

Transformation causes one to rise above reactive behaviors and a beastly consciousness causing a spiritual transfiguration. 
As stated in previous messages, our purpose is to be regenerated into the likeness of a Christman in order to transcend the 1% from which we exist in a 3-D world of fleshly desires, to the higher spiritual realm of the reality of the 99%. In the 99% is where we touch Spirit and invoke Divine Law that brings positive lasting change into our lives.

For someone to feel as if they must continue to repent, they have not come into the knowledge or the realization of the basics of spirituality and still reside in the bondage's of a tainted religious of do's, dont's, can't and aint. Therefore,  are unable to grow in grace into the perfection to make that Shift of restoration from the old into the new.
One who has experienced the spiritual or soul transformation from the  rudimentary basics of the death, burial and resurrection, they will know that these sacrificial gifts were the very tools used to obliterate the shortcomings ‘sin’ or error thrusting one into the ultimate and final atonement! It is done! The 'shadow', 'types' and 'prototypes' of the old spiritual energy temporarily covered past, present "shortcomings" (if you prefer to say sins, that's on you)!  Sin is merely coming up short of one's Life-Purpose! This shift into a new spiritual awareness awaken one to those things that are lawful and removes all the restrictions of karma from the old energy source. 

As one press forward relenting to the promptings of Spirit, they are restored back into the Image and Likeness of Eloheem as eloheem!

This is all in preparation and a precursor, if you will, of coming into Divine Union with the Creator. 

I have heard many preachers and teachers say that ‘sin is falling short’. What on earth does that mean? Yet, they never say what one is falling short of! Sin, therefore, is falling short of the Hope of  humans glory of being restored back to gods!
Sin or error is that of falling short in the Knowledge of a Divine Creator that lives within the heart of man and coming into one’s inheritance of Christhood. There is no sin that has befallen man that was not invalidated, stamped out and mastered by the divine Innate within! Therefore, humans have been given power over sin, death, disease, sickness and can live above  them  free from error. 

This is not to say that we will not make mistakes. It is in mistakes that humans learn how to grow in knowledge, experiencing those things that bring us into reality of the Will of the Creator to create! Error is when we do not learn from those experiences and lessons that we are going through and continue to repeat the same negative behavior over and over again.

Believe me, the lesson will be repeated until you get it. You will suffer the consequences of every action and word spoken or reap the benefits. Sin is lawlessness! This is why Divine  Order was instituted through Divine Law to the Prophets (Gurus or Teachers or Enlightened One's). I use the 5-fold Ministry or the Apostolic Order merely because I was brought up and learned the basics as a Christian in order to have a firm background  on which to build the Higher Spiritual Truths. Know that Christianity is NOT the only way!
Apostles and Spiritual leaders were charged to build a foundation, to teach the children the way they should go. Therefore, thwarting and avoiding going through errors that are unnecessary, if one can hear the voices of wisdom.

However, man continues to sin against themselves out of ignorance, many more out of rebellion and disobedience. They reject Divine Law, yet blame the results or consequences of their actions on either a satan or insist those negativities are  from G-D to punish them is just so so very ludicrous and obstinate.  Many use the term Father.  Would a father bring harsh judgments or mistreat his children?  What makes humans think that G-D would bring harm to them? 

Many have taken on the ways of a beastly religious System insisting that nobody’s perfect! Therefore, they wallow in the imperfections of  negativities of a spirit of  error within them--in the lower flows of the beastly mindset and unregenerate thought process!  They make excuses for ‘sin’, believing in a devil that made them do it!
Divine Law states that “whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap”. Divine Law is every action has a reaction! You figure it out.

The word ‘repent’ or ‘repentance’ means to reconsider, to think differently; to feel compunction for ones actions. The word in Greek used for repentance is meta-neon’. Meta is the same prefix used in the words to transform and transfigure.

For someone to say that they believe in G-D and in a Christ or the Christ Principles and continue to repent indicates two things: First, the individual does not believe or know the Creator or they reject the Principles the Christman left as a guide for humans find their way back to the Creator. Secondly, They willingly continue to walk in their own selfishness’s, having an unrepentant or unchanged mind and/or actions, intently ignoring the Way into righteousness. Either way, they commit sacrilege coming against the deity within themselves and the Divine Creator.

The writer of Hebrews, says to the churches, “though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need for someone to teach you the elementary Principles of the Oracles of G-D, and you have come to need milk and not solid foods”. Yet, the majority of Christians seek to save others and every time you turn around they are talking about repenting! The Writer also admonishes ‘Believers in the church’, “not to lay again a foundation from dead works and (having no) faith toward GOD”!

Therefore, if someone feels that they must continue to repent, they are spiritually dead! They are still quibbling and struggling over the basics, sucking on a baby bottle wanting their binky and blanket for nap-time! They are “unaccustomed to the Word of righteousness for he is a babe”! Scripture says, “if one has been enlightened, having tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made partaker of the Holy Spirit and have tasted the Good Word…then fall away (from Truth), it is impossible to renew them again to repentance since they crucify the Son";(themselves over and over again).
Therefore, "leaving the elementary teachings about the Christ”, press on to maturity--Teleios! Know that one can become Teleios or perfect at any level of spirituality or in their Life-Purpose. Teleios is an essential element of spiritual growth and ascension.

If one is dwelling in the basics, not learning or growing beyond them into the Higher Principles or the “Weightier Matters”  becoming stagnant, their growth becomes retarded. These basic Principles are the foundation to be built upon, for one to grow into Sonship!

Too many come up short and because Truth cuts off flesh causing growth, and growth pains hurt the flesh.  The first thing they do is attack the messenger and the message talking about keep it simple. This is the problem in most churches and religion, those wolves have keep it so simple that when Truth comes, when reality hits many in the face, they automatically come against those Enlightened One's who were  sent to them, rejecting Truth that will set them free because of an inability to receive. Yet they know deep within that those individuals have something that they don't have. 

Acceptance of truths well take one off that roller coaster detour, placing their feet firmly that they may get back on the right road walking the Highway to Restoration.

I do not apologize for knowing and walking in Truth or becoming Teleios in my Metron. I have been selected to go to the Nations; “to those who think they know”! I am not tooting my own horn. I just know who I AM and what I have been chosen to do. That is to proclaim truth that points the hearer to fulfill their Life-Purpose in love.

Those who think they have been Chosen must really get rid of that false piousness and learn what true humility is and sacrificial love. I am not easily moved by  words or actions and can readily identify, as with any awakened one who should be rich in discernment, those opponents of Truth; those who want to reside in the old paradigm.  I  can tell exactly where they are within a few words of them opening their mouth. As a matter of fact the enlightened ones can see and discern their spirit as they approach.

We know that we are the children of the Divine Creator. Scripture says, “it does not yet appear what we shall be”. As children one does not know what their purpose in life is. However, when truth appears, when the Light appears, “We shall be like Him” because we will be able to see truth as it appears and walk in it!
“Everyone who practices sin practices lawlessness…He came to take away sins and in Him is no sin”. Children make mistakes. The children must learn the Way  and  Divine Law before they can be entrusted with their inheritance. I have said it more than once and I will continue to say it: “It is because of grace that the Law exists”! Therefore, if you are one of those who insist that the Law was hung on the Cross and that Law is not binding for us today, your have a right and choice to believe that. However, stop conjuring up a devil that has power to make you sin and that causes all those bad things to happen!

“Be not as disobedient children conforming to former lusts in ignorance but be knowledgeable as to the Will of the Father for your lives. If you have tasted the kindness of the Lord, grow in respect to salvation.”

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