Thursday, December 29, 2011


If one is In-Christ, one is in Truth. If one is in Truth, one is in harmony with Universal Divine Law of Life and Liberty. There is therefore NOW NO condemnation for those who are 'In-Christ'! For the Law of the Spirit of Life, which dwells within those who are 'In-Christ' or those who walk in their Christhood has been set free from the law of sin and death! 

What do I mean when I say one is 'in-Christ' or in Christhood?  Christ simply means 'Anointed One'.  I am not talking about a fleshly (wo)man but an anointed (wo)man--A Christ Man!  A Christ man is one who walks in  Christ Principles towards the fulfillment of their Life-Purpose while here on earth.

The Law of Liberty governs life within the Universe! This Law cannot help but to do what it is suppose to do! It cannot help but to obey its Creator! Its Creator have the power of spoken word to speak life. 

One who looks intently at the perfect Law of Liberty and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer is one who will ascend the spiritual realms into their Life-Purpose. The  the Law of Liberty, which is governed by Spirit, can be fulfilled in humans that they may not walk  according to the flesh; but in a renewed mind of thoughts in harmony with the Law of Liberty in Spirit. This is what will bring life and peace!  
The mind that is unrenewed is set on flesh and the carnal things; the temporary things versus the eternal things. 

The flesh is hostile against  all that of which is good. Neither can the fleshly mind or thoughts be subject the Divine Law for it does not have ability to do so! However, those who dwell in Christhood are they who  becomes creators of their own destiny. This i why humankind was given free-will. Humans have the choice to dwell in the rudimentary basics of life or enter into life more abundantly.

Therefore, if one dwells in Christhood, although the flesh is dead, the spirit is alive because of righteousness. We are the righteousness of G-D or should I say we are righteous as gods if we dwell in Spirit. The Spirit puts to death the deeds of the body and all who are led by the Spirit  are the Sons and the Sun of Righteousness shines within them!  

Indeed the Sons, the true inheritors of the Kingdom are culpable to and adhere to the Commandments or the 42-Principles of the Ancients of Days and have the "Testimony as a Christ, which is the Spirit of Prophecy"! These are they who has ability to overcome the problematic situations described in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 and the image, mark, name and number of the beastly System of those who are antichrist. These are they who have not given their power to the beastly Systems or have taken their power back from the dark forces that have, in the past, ruled this earth. They have a renewed mind, a restored mindset who has made the Shift into the new spiritual energy and restoration of divine consciousness into their heavenly inheritance. This Shift into the new paradigm of spiritual consciousness will transmutate humans beyond the veil and bridge the gap, to enter into the New Jerusalem, the New Heaven, the New Earth now.    
Those who are antichrist are they who oppose the Laws and Principles of  the Creator and who teach men to do so. But the Sons walk in their Christ mind releasing Truth from ZION. 
I have a new found depth of understanding to the phrase, "Give me liberty or give me death"! Although this sentiment was not accorded to slaves, John Henry surely received his revelation of freedom and what it was like to live an abundant life; uttering: "Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power"! He was speaking of war, yet, I too, speak of warfare! Of donning the appropriate attire by renewing one's thought process and utilizing the power that has been placed at our disposal to gain liberty! 

Should we continue to reject the very tools placed within our reach? Should we deny divine knowledge and power given to humans through the very Laws that if we make proper use of them would bring us into God Consciousness and mastery over our life?  

My Metron and the message that I have been given is to proclaim Restoration. Therefore, all that I do, all that I am given will deal directly as well as indirectly to being restored. All of messages will appeal to one's renewal of their thought process and restoration back into that perfect image as elohim. 

The message of Restoration is the very tool we humans need to survive as a people and make the shift into this new energy of spiritual awakening. I have experienced and utilized those tools of which has brought me into Christhood and Restoration. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that the message of Restoration will bring human beings into their divine inheritance. 

I then stay within the scope of my authority as we all should. The authority within my Metron is to serve as an oracle of the Most High; to channel, point and teach others how to receive and walk in the Christ Principles or whatever one wants to refer to them as. This is walking in Spirit and Truth! 

I teach how we can receive Liberty to live life as a heavenly citizen in perfect harmony with G-D, with respect and honor to the god in other humans; to love, honor and respect the earth (Gaia) from wince humans came into the Universe as elohim, right now on earth! 

Many will get it, many will not get it! Many will attempt to take these new divine Principles into an old era that has passed; Old religious, political and worldly Systems that lack integrity are not sanctioned by the Divine. They just will no longer work in this shift of energy!  "You cannot put new wine into old wine-skins". This was a metaphor given in a parable to humans for such a time as this shift change of spiritual consciousness. You cannot take the old energy into this new spiritual energy of consciousness. 

Only those who have a sincere desire to respect, love and honor others, G-D and this earth in which we live, are they who walk in Christhood; their fullest spiritual potential, growing in righteousness with integrity; it is they who will understand and get it. 

Have you not heard in your Scriptures that "YE ARE GOD'S"? Therefore, because you do not understand do not negate or reject this message of Restoration! But study to show yourself approved worthy to receive such revelation of these Mysteries! 
There are divine beings who have been placed on earth for the sole purpose of releasing love and light. These "Old Souls" have experienced much and it is through these experiences that a royal nation of peoples will rise.  We, therefore, are qualified and can 'Point" one in the direction they should go from an experienced perspective; from the perspective of godly characteristics and the light we  have been given. Therefore, do not allow human personal characteristics keep you from receiving truth.

We are spiritual beings in a physical body. Therefore, we release that which is spiritual through our human character. NOT from another human or someone else thoughts of how we should act, speak, release etc. 

Therefore, do not let the way that I, or anyone else, for that matter,   as an oracle and channel of these spiritual concepts or other spiritual leaders who present Truth; allow our personal proclivities keep you from receiving Truth. Not many leaders are receiving the revelations being released today. Therefore, they are unable to release because they are dwelling in the old paradigm and have nothing to release. However, one must be able to rightly discern.

Many of you may still be at a loss as to the terms in-Christ, Christ-mind, Christ-hood and Christ-man. This is because religion teaches that there is only one Christ and they call him Jesus. Therefore, they have created an entire belief system on a man and it is difficult for them to see that we are all children of the Most High here on this earth to receive our inheritance as Sons and Joint-heirs as a Christ through the same Principles that Christ left behind--The Christ Principles. 

Lord knows that I have read many on Facebook and many articles attempting to explain a way of life of which they have not experienced. Therefore, many times their interpretation is way off! Perhaps they are repeating something they heard someone else say. One cannot effectively teach something they have not experienced or have not been given personal revelation of. One cannot teach what they do not know.

What  the spiritual one's release reflects their experiences and spiritual maturity, our level of knowledge in revelation, and depth of relationship with the Most High. Most often, these revelations are beyond the comprehension of others, particularly those who reside in the lower flows and levels of religion or those who lack maturity. Truth and revelation will seem unorthodox. Indeed it is! 

We have all be there, therefore there is nothing to be ashamed of. To stay there, within the lower flows and a lower consciousness, in that old energy is the shame! We all should be ever growing and maturing no matter what level because The Universal Divine Creator is infinite! Only Spirit can work us through a concept making it a reality in our life.

Those who walk in the Law of Liberty are easily identifiable. Just as those who walk outside the scope and authority of their Calling who have "taken the Kingdom by force"; the fakers or babes are easily identifiable. The awakened and enlightened ones have the uncanny ability to quickly discern those on different levels; and, those who are bound by tradition. 

However, in-Christ, Christ Mind, Christ-hood Christ Consciousness and Christ-man are all terms that express  renewal,  regeneration and resurrection as gods. 

Renewal Regeneration or Resurrection of ones self-will, their mind and their emotions  will reunite the spirit and soul  to become restored back into the divine  will, character and nature from godlessness in their Life-Purpose as a Christ. This is done through the Christ Principles.

Christians says that the only way to the Father is through Christ! This means that one must walk and think as a Christ in order to become One with G-D! The inner witness, which is Divine Spirit attests to the fact that we are a divine representation of the Creator.

The Sons have come into their inheritance have been charged to teach and bring the Children into the reality of Christhood and Heaven as heavenly citizens here on earth, now!

Humans must renew their thought process and certainly their fleshly and traditional concepts and definitions to  divine thoughts and ideals. It is NOT robbery to be identified as a Christ! It is NOT sacrilege to become a Christ! It is NOT blasphemous to walk in Christhood. Christians know that YAHshua's or Jesus' name is NOT Christ!  Christ was the epithet used to describe the god man within the fleshly man.

Christ is a superlative which identifies one as being anointed--An anointed one! How many of you have prayed for and seek the anointing in your life? What were you really asking? You were asking  to become a Christ, pure and simple. So, then, why do religious folks, in particular, Christians have a problem with mankind receiving the Promise of Life abundantly and Liberty, walking in their Inheritance of Christhood? 

The Cross  of crucifixion is dying to one's self will, egos, mind and emotions that Spirit can sanctify us bringing us into a Christ-man anointing to be consecrated and set apart that our consciousness will be resurrected.  This is where we can learn to know  our Life-Purpose and to be restored as one with the Divine Creator. That is to become One! That is to transcend the spiritual realms. That is DIVINE UNION!

Hotep Light One Love
Apostle Rubie James

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


We are spiritual beings in a physical body! 

Heaven and earth prophetically, esoterically and metaphorically are two states of mind. Heaven and earth are the  manifestation of  divine universal spiritual laws and concepts of the Kingdom here on Earth!

The Creator infused divine DNA in both the physical and spiritual realms. As above so below! We have many metaphors of these replicas of heavenly abode written and revealed in Scriptures. Without a doubt there were those writings of antiquity that were eliminated or  rediscovered not included in  the canonization of the Bible that would elucidate  these principles.

These writings were intentionally eliminated and most were protected from the elite and those religious leaders who usurped their authority of control over the people.

We need to know that both the heavens and the earth are the manifestations of the 'image' and 'likeness' of the ideals and thoughts in the Mind of the Creator! The message and revelations of Restoration, Renewal, Resurrection and the New Man all deals with the mind and ones thoughts and entering into the New Heaven and the New Earth, otherwise known as heaven, Paradise, Zion or the New Jerusalem.  

We must learn these Divine Principles and incorporate the workings of Divine Law within our thought process!  We must tap into our Innate that would bring our higher thoughts into remembrance. This is what Paul continually admonished the people to do! Renew their thought process! Transform their thought! Think on positive, pure and holy things! 

In order to accomplish  a renewed  or restored mind  to come into the realization that we are what we think, we must stop giving our power over to erroneous teachings; the lie of a satan, devil or demons and start thinking with the mind of a Christ or our Christ mind, which is our higher self. 

Scripture says that satan and the devil are lying, deceiving spirits. The words satan and devil translates as an adversary, an accuser or a critical one. These same spirits dwell within man as a backbiter, gossips, thieves, covetous, false witnesses, deceivers. sorcerers, immoral persons, murderers, idolaters and everyone who practices such.

Christ said to Peter, “Get behind me satan”. What was he actually  saying and who did he say it to? Was he talking to some spirit or entity outside of Peter who had power and control over Peter?  No! Instead, the Christ was addressing Peters person; his selfishness, ignorance, arrogance and Peter's state of mind that opposed the mandate of Christ! He was talking to that unregenerate, self-willed, obstinate fleshly nature within Peter. 

Peter was not thinking as Christ! He had audacity to tell Christ, "No, this thing you speak of will never happen". Peter did not have a clue as to what he was saying! The same mindset today that makes humans have the mitigated gall and audacity to say to an Enlightened One, I have not read that in the bible. Or I am praying for you or G-D bless you! 

While it is OK to pray for your leaders and those in authority, in addition to Scriptures commanding it and those working within  ministry, one blesses them with their substance in order for them to have a wider platform to pronounce truth.

In Paul's letter to the Romans, he says, “If you share in the spiritual things, you are indebted to share in the material things”. How in the world can someone who walks outside of their Christ mind, spiritually bless those Enlightened Ones who transcends the spiritual realms ministering before the Most High day and night? How, pray tell, can someone who have not come into the realization of their Christ-hood, even pray effectively for one who was appointed to intercede before the throne on their behalf? 

The true ambassador  should not have to ask for support.  Neither should the true representative charge for what has revealed.  However, the people should have an strong sincere obligation and a conviction within their heart to support the chosen to release Word and Revelation. 

A satan is the same as a devil which is nothing more than a state of mind. This negative mindset is formed by mans ideas, thoughts, actions and self power conjured up in mans consciousness, to make us believe that we are inherently evil. This is a state of mind that believes against Christ consciousness. As I have said before and will continue to say, one either have the mind of a Christ or the mind of antichrist. One either walks as a Christ-man or an antichrist-man! 

Divine Law is Spiritual! “Whatsoever a man thinks within his heart, so is he”. If a thing is in ones heart, it has been a thought that has initiated and prompted a reaction for the workings of Divine Law. Universal Divine Law does not discriminate. It does what it is suppose to do!  What we command it to do! All of nature must obey! How can one think that they can partition the Most High, evoking a Divine Universal Law to reap the benefits of blessings and totally eliminate the fact that the  same Law will also produce a reaping subsequent to our negative thoughts and actions? 

How can one reject Divine Law thinking that they will neither reap the benefits of positive or reap the consequences of negative? If one thinks thus, they are not a 'believer'! This is why  prayers do not come to fruition or materialize in the physical realm. This is one reason why the doctrine of demons, satan and a devil is so damaging to the thought process of receiving a renewed mind! 

We have been told about a satan and a devil and demons which has become a part of most Christians everyday life. They get up fighting themselves and against the nature of the Christ-man within them! They have accepted that there are entities that they must fight against, however, they have not accepted that these entities are a figment of their thoughts and made up in their own imaginations! They are strongholds that must come down!  Dysfunctions that must be dealt with and released!

We do not war according to our fleshly unregenerate nature but we pull on the divine power within, to destroy speculations and every lofty thought that raises itself up in our mind. This we accomplish by taking every thought captive to the obedience of the Christ within us! Ready to push every  contrary thought aside, eliminating it from our through process!  Do not feed an organism and it will die.

Therefore, consider this, if you are confident within yourself that Christ is within, know that as Christ is, so also are we! 

The human body was created for the earthly side of heaven or to reside in a mental and physical realm. The Kingdom of Heaven is not eating, drinking or acquiring the tangible, things that appeal to our sensuous and sensual nature of which this earth has to offer. The Kingdom of Heaven is living in peace, joy and happiness in Spirit. Living an abundant life in our spiritual inheritance as  Christ and joint-heirs with Christ. That's Heaven! The material things are merely added benefits! 

We were spiritual beings long before we were created physical beings. We walked in the metaphoric  Garden of Eden! Spiritual beings has always had a choice. We have always had free will to do or not to do.

Apostle Darrell Kinsey says, "we are the physical manifestation of the Mind of  the Most High. Earth is the training ground in which Spirit brings life to flesh or the carnal man. Earth is man!" The concept of spirit separated from earth and heaven has the same implications of us being separated from Eloheem as eloheem. This is why we say that the earthly realm is a training ground for the physical body to be restored and transformed back into the spirit realm. 

Just think about it! Everyone's trying to get there! To that place where the heart and mind are being restored back to perfection or recollection of I AM! That is to say a better place or state of being or spirituality or whatever word one may want to call it!--Utopia, Nirvana, Expanding Consciousness, Enlightenment, Keter, Heaven or Paradise! The whole point of our way of life is for one to reach their highest level of spiritual awareness! 

Christianity seems to be the only 'religion'  that have not come into the knowledge of themselves being transformed from one level of being to another level or from faith to faith and glory to glory as so many verbally say. However, those truths has yet to become impregnated within their thought process to give birth to reality!  

They reject philosophical and scientific facts of reality will dull ones senses that will enhance their spiritual awareness and growth. Lord forbid them to look into what other groups outside their definition of Christianity is.  Religion have perverted and twisted Scriptures to fit into their doctrines Instead of allowing the Scriptures to reveal itself, they are stuck in a box of tradition and erroneous teachings of the elementary basics of the Christ concepts. Many are offended at the Christ-man or the true concepts of 'Christ In-Us' revelation. They keep their Christ hung on a cross, yet proclaim that he is Risen!  

Oh, every one says it. However, just as many do not have the true revelation of it! This is why Paul admonishes us to press pass the rudimentary basics of Christ. There is more! There is something infinitely Higher! Being restored and transformed back into a Christ-man to become 'I AM' is the highest hope of the existence of man! 

Many who called themselves learned and spiritual have come against these truths. As a result, there are a lot of people who reject Truth clinging to the basics of “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so”. They are unable to accept Truths that would bring those words to reality and actually manifest within their lives. 

Yet, all the while their saying 'come Lord Jesus', not knowing that he is already here! Singing the songs that proclaim, “the Spirit of the Lord is here, I can feel it in the atmosphere'. Sadly, not being able to get pass the feel-good sensations that would prep them to come into another level of spiritual awareness and insight. They are totally unaware that there are higher levels of Spiritualism, that Mother Wisdom, the Shecaniah Glory, the Holy Spirit  is welcoming Her children with open arms. All they have to do is open the door! Turn that knob! 

The majority of leaders have attended seminary (which many of us call cemetery) gaining some other humans intellectual knowledge, concepts, thoughts and mindsets of a linearized   and intellectualized religion; church building techniques and the like, with a host of programmed concepts to occupy the mind and time of the people. Therefore, they are taught to appeal to the carnal nature and the intellectual side of man. No, there is nothing wrong with one educating oneself.  However, we must learn to balance the natural with the spiritual.

When one puts more credence behind the titles and initials than truth and the ways of institutional thinking for truth, you get a bunch of 'Babes' that think they know!  They think that their way is a better way, so they want to start their own ministry in order to do it their way. Therefore, we've got a lot of unhappy Christians working and trying to save others, instituting programs and groups trying to ease that hunger inside of them. They go to church every Sunday leaving unfulfilled still hungry for Truth.  They have separated themselves from the god within. 

It is not rejection that bothers me, it is knowing, watching and seeing the people walking in error. Ever learning but never coming into the knowledge of Truth. It is knowing that many have not accepted true redemption into the life they were purposed or created for. It is that they neglect so great salvation thinking they have it, therefore never receiving it. 

However, even in that, I know that everything has its purpose. I know that many eyes have been blinded to truth for the sake of the Children; the true inheritors of the Kingdom. Those whose names are written in the Book of Life; those who were born in ZION!
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Friday, December 9, 2011


All too often, we get too comfortable with the basics and topical aspects of Scripture that it is difficult for many to renew their mindset to the More Excellent Way of thinking. 

Paul admonishes us to move on past the rudimentary teachings of the Christ. He also admonishes us to put on the Mind of a Christ; to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. The renewed mindset can receive the knowledge it takes to see the true nature of the Beast. These can see that the unregenerate  mind in man who walks in the lower consciousness of a selfish  nature and flows of their ego, self will and emotions are of a obstinate soul that is antichrist.

The mark is not the same as the name or the number. I am not discounting modern day end-time revelation received by others. I can only speak on the prophetic,  metaphorical and theoretical aspects in direct correlation to the revelations of which have been given to me. Neither do I totally reject the literal aspects if it lines up with Scripture, history and scientific research.

I am just saying that I receive the spiritual esoteric aspects of revelation and interpretations void of fairy-tales and folklore. That is a higher way. That is the Testimony of a Christ. I am cognizant of the fact that even I am merely scratching the surface! 

However, I can tell you this: those who predict the end of the World surly do not have true revelation. Neither do they who perpetuate a doctrine of devils, demons and a satan or a rapture as has been popularly and erroneously taught! These are strong indications that one is dwelling in the babble of tradition; the gu gu ga ga of baby talk without understanding, regurgitating another's theories.

The evidence is laid out in the Scriptures and other books of antiquity. The writings are on the 'wall'. This evidence would also include philosophy, science, physics and ancient histories.  These disciplines reveals reality that helps to unravel error and falsehoods. All one need do is open the eye of the mind and receive.

The enlightened ones or prophets have been chosen to guide, direct, and point the people toward renewal and recovery of mind from that of false religiosity to true spirituality. Blessed are they who finds G-D in whatever path they choose to follow.

We must see in our minds eye, that a beast or a beastly mind is one who has a blasphemous arrogant obstinate mind-set.  These are the images of a beastly nature, which most often are in opposition to Truth; a mindset contrary to the Christ Principles.   

The beast is a disjointed spirit walking apart from the Creator in Spirit and Truth, teaching disobedience to the Law!  The Divine Creator is Law!
Everything is relative!
Every time we petition the Most High we invoke a Law. Do we, then petition  expecting results? Of course we do! Law has an effect in every aspect of our lives and can result in good or positive results or bad or negative results. 

In fact, Divine Law is cause and effect! Cause and effect is: “Whatsoever a man sows that shall He reap”!  If one mixes blue and red, they have invoked a law.  The law is still the same no matter who mixes the colors.  The results will be the same no matter who mixes the colors.  That is Law!

Everything in the universe, every particle of matter and energy are bound by laws of which it has no choice but to obey. Scripture even tells us that there are laws of nature.  

Most do not seem to have a problem with the laws that govern nature. However, call it a Divine Law or a Commandment and many ruffle their feathers prepared to attack like a Bantam hen protecting her young. 

Jeremiah was told of the ordinances of heaven and earth as FIXED patterns! These laws describe the way the Creator accomplished order in the creation of the Universe! This logic of the Divine Creator is built into the Universe! It sustains it! 

To believe that the the Creator haphazardly or accidentally created using the laws of physics is to reject all that you are. The Creator is physics.

The laws of nature are consistent with the Laws of Life. Law is the orderly and logical force that upholds the Universe. 

Those who says that the Law is only applicable to the Old
Testament or the Hebrew Scriptures, particularly Torah and those who reject Law, not only limit the move of Spirit in their lives, they have rejected reality, which is truth! Yet many call the Creator Father. Scriptures says why do you call Father and do not what he says? You are disobedient children who are without chastisement.   You are illegitimate!  How would you think then to receive the abundant and full blessings of the the Most High?

There is a Law that governs every act, thought and word that we speak and release in our lives. To deny this is to deny life! The Law is Life! It is because of grace and love that Divine Law exists! How can one say that they serve, yet deny the Laws that were instituted that protect us as we serve?  It is by humans utilizing laws that brings us into the knowledge of divine wisdom; that brings us into the knowledge of the workings of the Spirit that establishes us.  This establishment includes the knowledge that we may know what is lawful for us and how we could accomplish and fulfill our Life-Purpose.

Divine Law says that whatsoever a man thinks within his heart so is he! Divine Law says whatsoever a man does unto another shall be done unto them! Very simple!  However, those with unregenerate and beastly  mindsets want to make Law difficult and unattractive hoping that people will reject it.  Therefore, these opponents of truth will not have to explain something they are ignorant of.  It is easier to say that 'we are no longer under law but grace'!
Many keep the Commandments which are the hub of Divine Law; a guideline to righteous living that governs all of life on earth. However, when it comes to remembering the Sabbath days, many fall short of this blessing by falling into the error of disobedience. "For we who believed entered into  Rest...It remains for some to enter in, and those who formerly had good news preached to them failed to enter because of disobedience.

The Principles of honoring the Sabbaths are metaphors that directs humans to a higher consciousness. The Sabbaths must be understood in their spiritual intent. There is a reason that humans should remember.

By now you might be wondering what does the Law or the Commandments have to do with the mark of the beast. Divine Law is our  protection from the beastly elements and conditions that keeps us from remembering who we are and why we are here on this earth. They are directives of guidance into the portal of freedom and restoration. It is those who have a working knowledge of Divine Law that dwells in and have access to the Most Holy Place. 

The Commandments  holds the secrets that reveals the keys and the pathway to overcoming a beastly conscious and character. 

Know that the beast is a metaphor.  The beast implies  the unregenerate   mind in man and their disjointed soul from spirit.

Ultimately those who have received their Christ mind are protected under the Law by Law. These are they who keep the Commandments and have the Testimony as a  Christ.

It is important to understand that "the First Will—the Old Testament and the codicil to the First Will, called the New Testament are not the Law! However, it is    the Will which is protected by Law! In short, "The Will is not the Law. It is a legal document that the Law protects."

Many  'fall short' of reaping the benefits of living an abundant life from ignorance and rejection of the Will. Humans are the Will. It is the law that protects humans. Ignorance and disobedience causes one to fall  into error that prevents them from fulfillment of their Life-Purpose. Therefore, the beastly mind rejects the the law of freedom pulling on those unregenerate thoughts and teachings they have become acclimated to. 

Knowledge is the key to overcoming! Ultimately, those who have 'overcome' are they who go beyond the elementary basics searching for and receiving all truth.

A mark is something that identifies something. A mark is a symbol that represents a thing. The word mark is defined as an affixed or impressed symbol, an inscription. The symbol or inscription serves to give information, identify the origin or ownership of a person, place or thing. It is a badge, a brand or other visible sign impressed or assumed. 

The Greek word for mark is 'Charagma'. Charagma is a stamp, as in a badge of servitude. Therefore, to receive the mark of the beast is to show ones allegiance to a beastly or unregenerate lower consciousness! One either pledges their allegiance as a Christ; an anointed one or a beast. One either dwells as a Christ-man in consciousness or as an antichrist-man!  One either have the Mind of a Christ or one has the mind of antichrist! One either dwells in Light or darkness.

So, what is the mark of the beast? Is the mark a bar code? Is the mark 666? Is the mark ones social security number? Is the mark fingerprints or hand prints? Is it a computer chip? Many believe these things to be so. It is because one believes that these things become a reality in their mind. 

Beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become things. When ones thoughts are out of line or sync with the Will and purpose of ones life, one’s thoughts become antichrist. Once ones thoughts become antichrist, their mind become impressed and filled or 'branded' with a self serving character becoming a 'mark' of servitude.   The religious System represent the epitome of the beastly nature within man. 

The mark of the beast is not a physical mark but mans mental concepts against truth and rejection of the Law of Liberty and life.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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