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Just as there are two resurrections, there are two Deaths. We have previously discussed the First Death and the First Resurrection in the  series Mysteries of the Resurrection.
The First Death is that of a Redeemed One or a searcher of Truth dying to their self-will, mind, emotions, ego and the ways of selfishness. This they do in order to be Resurrected into a Life of abundance.

The First Resurrection is a conduit used to bring one into their earthly inheritance of putting on the Mind of a Christ or coming into the higher Christ-Consciousness, walking  in  the Christ Principles  that leads to Divine Union

The definition of Christ is merely an anointed one.  The Christ Principles are those original 42-Principles that were given to humans from the Ancients of Days.  These Principles were condensed and  we have come to know them as the Ten Commandments. These Commandments lays a basic foundation for moral living that leads humans into the Way, Truth, and Light.

This First Resurrection is to “Practice” the release of love and to gain freedom from residing in the lower life forms; in opposition to a beastly or animal mind or the mind of antichrist. Freedom from an old mindset; old paradigms and old energies is accomplished through the power of Divine Spirit as our mind is being renewed into a higher consciousness.  

The higher consciousness is achieved through correct thought, prophetic Word, releasing love, receiving light, having faith in a belief or a 'view' to the Mystical Divine Union; and, to that of having experienced ascension into the Spiritual Realm while on earth.
This anointed or Christ Mind enables one to come into the Realization of knowing that we are emanations of the Divine Creator; infused with divine DNA, birthed in the Perfect Image and Likeness of G-D  (Eloheem) as gods (eloheem). 

Each of us has assigned destinies. Each individual manifest in their own Order  their destiny through their life experiences; their thoughts, words and actions. One's thoughts are the root of who they are. Once one put on their Christ mind, they can receive remembrance from the Akasha (Qasha) Records of who they are to become restored into the reality of their true identity. They will experience a transfiguration  into Divine Union restored as gods. 

This is where Divine Spirit anoints humans with the oil of gladness. This Ointment is the grace and favor of the Universal Divine Creator being shed upon those who seek truth.  These truths will bring one into perfection or Teleios.

Teleios can be defined as one that is full grown walking in the fullness of their delegated authority, in power of their Prophetic word and maturity at their highest level of  spirituality on whatever spiritual realm they ascend while on earth.  This level would be at their point of ascension, in the fullness of their Life- purpose and their current level of knowledge. 

It is a popular saying that “nobody's perfect”. However, I want all to know that an imperfect enemy wove this statement in the minds of humans. These enemies would have all to believe this lie because they cannot be perfect!  They choose to come against the Creator of Perfection.  

When these enemies of ignorance, darkness and chaos came against the Creator of Perfection, exalting themselves against and posing as perfection, this is when humans became imperfect.  They lost all of their holy attributes. Their spirit became disjointed from soul loosing remembrance of who they are and why they are here on earth.

Mankind became the deceiver, a lie, an accuser, a false witness.  Those who dwell there are enemies of the righteous and they want to take all along a negative path to live an imperfect life.
The greatest weapon used today against the people is a spirit of control, defeat; fear; insecurity, failure, depression and lack of communication.  These are our enemies!  If these enemies, which are derived from negative actions and thinking cannot get us to think negatively, they will influence us into thinking in a manner to exalt ourselves in our own pride  or to beat ourselves up thinking that we are not worthy of our inheritance.  We think that we accomplished things on our own merits or own intellect. I did this on my own or I did that I, I, I, I. These enemies can do nothing unless we allow them. These enemies are a product of  our own unregenerate thoughts!

Let me just interject here. It really bothers me when  people attribute the wrongs they commit or the results of the negativities of their thoughts and ways  to a devil or a satan, who has  much power as G-D and the god within to make one do something against their divine nature.

Our thoughts and our mindsets determine the way we live our life! Therefore, ask yourself, do you live an abundant  life in Light or the life of darkness? Do you give your creative  power to another or create an exterior evil being?
The devil or a satan or demons  are conditions of the mind, or states of consciousness that have been developed as a result of man using their creative power in a arrogant, negative, selfish, loveless and ignorant way.

In the unregenerate man there is good and the potential for bad. However, once we are resurrected; once we renew our thought process, the bad or evil is cast out and the Spirit begin the work in order for humans to overcome our own unregenerate selfish nature. This is done through what perhaps many call the Christ Principles. 

Satan is a hater and accuser, an opposer, an adversary, an opponent of Truth and is the same as a devil. Satan is the ‘devil’ that is a state of mind formed by man’s ignorance’s, personal ideas of their power and completeness apart from a Divine Creator.  These ignorance’s and fleshly ideas assumes various forms within mans consciousness. It is the personality and/or thoughts that disbelieves in and refuse to acknowledge the god within that rejects Divine Law, are they who dwells in lawlessness who are satanic. 
Heaven or to live in that heavenly state, which is in contrast to a selfish state or that state which is  contradictory to truth. Heaven is to live in conscious spiritual harmony. 

Harmony of thought and mind, when invaded by a thought contrary to righteous living, induce a war in the Holy or Heavenly place of the mind. 

Divine Law is, “Whatsoever a man thinks within his heart so is he” and “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap”.

The Divine Creator is not the reason for deaths, sickness and disease. The Creator gives life! The 42-Principles were given  so that if applied to our lives, we could live an abundant life. Our physical ailments as with our mental ailments and dysfunctions are a result of thinking out of harmony or thinking negatively that generates and manifest negative conditions. 
Let's address these enemies of whom most refer to as a satan, which is none other than the concepts of 66--satanic influence on man and 666--satanic influence on man as false gods.  

Negative thoughts and mindsets attack the unregenerate mind continually. The mind is the heart of man. This is why we are instructed to lose our own mind and put on the mind of a Christ. Those infused and birthed with divine DNA of the Creator are Heavenly Citizens or we have heavenly citizenship. “For our citizenship is in heaven, from which (where) we wait for Divine Spirit who will transform our mind or consciousness of our humble state into conformity with the Hope of our Glory…This is why we must realize that we are in a spiritual battle in a Heavenly place-The mind.

This makes one want to rethink the entire Rapture theory and to put it into its proper context and all of the apocalyptic imagery which accompanies it. I am not saying those who peddle this Last Day expose is totally in error in what they believe (I use to believe it as well) or that they did not get these revelations from the Spirit. However, I do believe that because of the awesomeness of the revelation that they stopped their understanding of it in mid-stream, receiving only the literal aspects. Therefore, they limited the depth of revelation and/or did not receive the esoteric or spiritual aspects of what was actually revealed.

We humans must receive ability to take possession of and correctly interpret revelation in order to tailor the divine language and the Words contained in the books of Antiquities. We must go beyond our little 3-D earthly existence to receive those nuggets of the Reality of Truth that will propel us into the Shift of Restoration; into the New Man; to go beyond the veil. We must bridge the gap that separates us from our reality.

The Spirit reveals to those who seek what is ‘hidden’. The revelations of these Mysteries are necessary for the restoration of the perfect to ascend into the heavenlies. Each receives on their own, at their own level of understanding and knowledge. Like for like! Like obedient Faith, like revelation and Truth, like anointing! 

The Hidden Mysteries are reserved for those of who were ‘enrolled’ in advance, having been prepared beforehand to give to those who came forth from  Divine DNA.

The ‘place’ where there is Unity is perfect! Spirit manifests to whomever She wishes. Therefore, those in Divine Union have reached Teleios at the highest earthly level to ascend into that which is spiritual reality.

Oh there she goes again using that three letter feminine word referring to G-D. People really gotta overcome their own personal proclivities and idiosyncrasies to realize that 'as above so below'.  That is to say, I have never heard of a man giving birth to a baby.  So let’s get over it and move on pass that misconception that G-D is only male! Therefore, before you go off on old energy  tangent, rejecting the Divine Feminine; the Shecaniah Glory of G-D, who is the Spirit, read and contemplate the creation story through the Eye of your spirit.

When Truth appears, the Select know it! The  Sons love Truth. The truth is the Words of the Creator. Those enlightened one's who are joined to Truth is joined to the Most High in DIVINE UNION.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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