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Beyond the Veil Revisited

“Having therefore such a hope, we use great boldness in our speech, and are not as Moses, who used to put a veil over his face that the Sons of Israel might not look intently at the end of what was fading away. But their minds were hardened; until this very day at the reading of the Old Covenant the same veil remains unlifted, because it is removed 'In-Christ'. To this day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their heart; but whenever a man turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away...But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the 'same Image' from glory to glory.”

The Viel or Vail is specifically the door screen that separated the Most Holy Place (Holy of Holies) from the Holy Place. It is defined as a 'separatrix'—to break apart; more specifically, something that divides or separates, as a line between the light and dark areas on a partially illuminated surface.

In the messages Tent Of Tabernacle and Zion, the various levels, components of the esoteric prophetic significance of the Tabernacle were expounded upon. 

One is not complete until their spirit is capable of ascension into the Holy Place or they have stepped beyond the Holy Place through the Veil. Coming to completeness, perfection and/or Teleios, which is under the auspice of  Spirit through pure intent. This has been called the Higher Self. It is through Innate that  bridges the gap to ones higher self that resides beyond the veil. 

One must be pliable to Spirit, yielding their spirit, dying to their own self-will, ego, mind and emotions, all the old dark conscious energies; all the false religious doctrines of the traditions of men. Once self has been crucified, the next step is the transformation of mind and spirit. This will aid one in letting go of the 'filters' and dysfunctions that prevents one recovery of mind and remembering who they are and why they are here on this earth. This letting go or primaling will giving one ability and capacity to enter into the Holy Place. From the Holy Place into the Most Holy Place  beyond the Veil.  

The Veil is the Portal to immorality. The Veil is the path to bridging the gap between ones corporal self and their incorporeal or higher self.

Prophetically, metrophetically and esoterically for humans today, the veil in the Temple (fleshly body) represents a separation from the Creator; where ones  soul is disjointed  from their spirit. A disjointed soul and spirit cannot be united with the higher self, which is G-D. 

This separation is a veil or one's 'clouded'  lower consciousness. This clouded consciousness needs to be 'ripped' or 'torn' in order for one to enter beyond the Veil. One can then pass from the Holy Place into the Holy of Holies, which represents coming into Divine Union and restoration as IAM. 

Once one enters the Veil or come face To Face with the Creator, they have reached the New Jerusalem or Mt. ZION. These are they who have made the shift into spiritual god-consciousness and are capable of traversing their earthly existence into the multiplicity of spiritual realms; from mortality to immorality while maintaining their earthly existence. Catch that vision!

These are restored spiritual beings who channel or proclaim truth from ZION; those enlightened spiritual guides; those Light Workers distributing Light, love and compassion to a dark world. 

As Scripture says, “Now it shall come about that in the last days, The Mountain of the House of the Lord will be established...and all the Nations will stream to it that He may teach us His Way's and that we may walk in His Paths. For the Law will go forth from ZION and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem".

Humans must know that the Bible included metaphors and parables that depicted or elucidated from a divine language into a 3-D language that humans of every language and nation could understand. It has a message for everyone who can “hear” whose “Eye” have been opened. This Light deals with everyone at whatever level they are. However, Religion has perverted and humanized divine concepts linearzing G-D of whom they still do not understand. 

It is the job of spiritual leaders and religious leaders to be at the highest spiritual level in order to “rightly divide”, interpret and tailor the divine language to teach and meet the needs for humans to grow in the knowledge of truth; and to live it themselves. Someone cannot teach something they do not have or do not know! My daddy use to say, "A man don't know what he don't know".

Thus, the problem with religion. Many teach what I call the topical  aspects of the Scriptures and the bible; those safe convoluted messages of basic principles that even children know something is not right. This they do because they dare not  go venture beyond the veil. Just as the priest of old could not enter in because of their impurities and fleshly nature, only the High Priest entered in once a year.

Prophetically, Jerusalem is a dwelling place of peace.  Jeru, means founding.  Truth is first found in the heart, the House of Bread or the Holy Place, which houses the Table of Show Bread. Symbolically, the heart of man  represents the center of Christ consciousness, safety, and harmony.

Scripture also talks about the people having access in ONE Spirit  as being fellow citizens of a Royal Household, “having being built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets (awakened and enlightened ones), Christ Himself being the Chief Corner Stone, in whom the 'whole' building being fitted together is 'growing' into 'a holy temple’...together into a dwelling ‘IN THE SPIRIT'”! This is called having the  “Testimony of Christ”, which is the Spirit of Prophecy. It is also esoterically when one has taped into their higher self through Innate.

Jerusalem do not always represent the physical state or geographical local of Israel as many suppose. Physically, Jerusalem represents the Holy City, prophetically and esoterically Jerusalem represents the higher consciousness of those dwelling in the Sacrificial Love of the Divine Creator as Christs. 

In the Book of Revelations Jerusalem is used symbolically to depict the redeemed state of humans as a Christ. This anointed or spiritual human abides in or is the channel or portal to the awakening of spiritual consciousness of mankind in love and peace.

The transformed Christ-man dwells in the Holy Place while being 'fitted together' with the Whole as a Christ  into god consciousness of their higher self. Here they feast at the 'Table of Show Bread' being purged from those things inconsistent with the Will for one's Life-Purpose until their spirit becomes ONE with Spirit. 

The veil or cloud will be removed by the Spirit. As one’s spirit touches Spirit all flesh melts. The veil is ripped into allowing one's spirit entry into the Holy Dwelling Place through the Spirit of Innate! 

It is in our knowing or conscious mind where all the work is done. It is in our subconscious mind or the Innate where Spirit transforms us using what has been imbued into our conscious thoughts. Until the conscious mind is primaled and emptied of a dysfunctional thought process or that old energy of the old paradigm; of an old energy mindset has been renewed and restored, humans will continue to live below their means. It is in this old energy where everything contrary to Truth is stored; therefore, one cannot make the shift into restoration to go beyond the veil while holding onto the old.

Once the old is removed, Spirit then renews and implements our new thoughts in  reality of Truth! This implementation breaks down the walls of churchology, tradition, erroneous teachings and the dark energy of a beastly ego. The Spirit then continues to transform our consciousness until we give way to that which will propel us into a state of Christ Consciousness to become awakened. The choice to receive however, belongs to each one individually.  It’ called ‘free-will’.

The Christ-Man was a spiritual guide who came in fleshly form. Mankind is the physical manifestation of the Mind of the Creator.  Through years of living in disobedience darkness and chaos, eons of 'missing the mark', we lost recollection of who we are and who we were created to be. 

When the Christman yielded his spirit, this is when the Veil of the Temple was ripped! Christ did not enter a Holy Place made with hands but he appeared Face to Face before the Creator in ZION becoming the “First-Born among many”!  He showed us the path to follow! He was a perfect example.

Death had to take place for redemption under the old energy paradigm. "For we were sealed 'In-Him' with the Spirit of Promise as a pledge of our inheritance with a 'view' that our eyes may be enlightened so that we would know the hope of our calling to receive the riches of our Inheritance. Therefore,  humans may receive the Promise of Eternal Inheritance"! 

However, many are the Called! Few have Chosen who will utilize their free-will to walk the paths of righteousness, dying to the old, being resurrected, and restored into the new spiritual conscious energy; back to their original intent. Few will die to their self-will, mind, ego and emotions in order to be resurrected into Christ Consciousness. 

This means that we were all called to redemption, all were saved, however, few are the elect or those 'Old Souls' who are Light Workers that will enter into the Holy Place, beyond the Veil. However, the Way, Truth and Light is for all to receive.

When one enters beyond the veil, they come Face to Face with the Divine One and the divine within.

Where a Covenant is there must be a death. Therefore, we die to our self-will, mind and emotions to seal the Covenant of our Inheritance. Our Inheritance, through the first Will or  Old Covenant became valid with the death of the testator--The Christ-Man. Therefore, the Eternal Promises contained in the Old Will was ratified, coming within our reach and possession. 

The door or the portals has been opened for us to be restored to become a Christ in order to transcend this material fleshly realm; to ascend into the heavenlies beyond the Veil.

The New Covenant or the New and Living Way was: "I will put My Laws upon the Heart of Man   and in their minds I will write them”! Those who have, an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying! “The Will is not the Law but a legal document that the Law protects”!  Therefore, those of you who reject the provisions made  in the First Will or Old Testament rejects the entire Will! For the Creators Mind is the Will for mankind! The New Covenant or the New Will, was inaugurated through the Veil of Flesh that as he was so shall we be. This new will for us today or this new spiritual energy; this new shift of energy releases us from the restrictions of the flesh. Catch the vision!
Originally posted 11August2012

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