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New Heaven Hew Earth

According to the Promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells. Therefore, look for these things and be diligent to be found by Him in peace, spotless and blameless...the present heavens and earth BY HIS WORD are being reserved for FIRE, kept for the day of JUDGMENT and DESTRUCTION of ungodly  men...
The word for new is 'kainos', which means to be qualitatively new. This means not another or a replacement of, but something that has developed into a different adaptive state or condition; something that has evolved. 

Do not be put off by the usage of the word evolve. Christians have tendency to reject and/or misinterpret certain words. Evolve is growth and change; to become adaptive to a state or condition. A different perception, concept or element that one comes into the knowledge of, having been brought into being or have received revelation of.

In this case, dwelling in righteousness is when one has accepted redemption. They are being transformed from faith to faith and glory to glory. They are moving or growing and changing or they have moved on from the elementary basics of the Christ, being transformed by the 'Fire' Energy of the Spirit, receiving their Christ-Mind. This Christ Mind dwells in the 'new' or higher 'heavenly' realms. 

Let us now clarify the 'fire' of which many see as a negative or equate 'fire' and 'burning' to 'hell'. Often when we hear fire in Scriptures, our flesh consciousness sense destruction, evil or error. This fire represents cleansing and purification. It is the fire which purifies and refines human kind bringing them into righteousness. Fire represents a positive, affirmative state of mind. Fire is the true pure essence or the Divine Energy of Spirit .

G-D is a Consuming Fire dealing with humans in filtered  thought waves of energy in a language of metaphors at our level of understanding that we can grasp with our intuitive higher self. I have heard this referred to as a 'third' language. We humans could not survive a pure thought from the Divine Universal Intelligence of whom we call G-D. 

This fire burns off the dross of ones own self-will, mind and emotions. The embers constantly emit heat and light that purge the mind of all negative and erroneous thoughts and mindsets. It is a re calibration  that slowly awakens and prepares our consciousnesses, opening up our minds eye or the Third Eye. 

The fire burns into disintegration  any elements and thoughts contrary to righteousness within the mind, if allowed to. One, then, must understand the process in order to be pliable to the fire and burning of Spirit! The Fire of Spirit burns in man's mind and body consuming all things not necessary to maintain basic life's principles, until it manifests the Christ-man. 

The Spirit consumes the beastly consciousness of man, transliterating ones consciousness into Christ Consciousness, which is a higher vibration of telepathic communication. 

This is the creative energy that  makes all things new! This is the Judgment not a lake of fire! We are judged according to our own thoughts. We can either choose to make the process hell, by residing in the lower forms of life, rejecting Divine Law and Truth or we can allow our spirit to transmute our consciousness into the heavenly realms of judgments that brings us into Christ Consciousness Beyond the Veil into Divine Union! This is our ultimate earthly goal of the Promise of our inheritance! The choice to receive or forego is ours! G-D will love us just the same. 

Will you choose life or death? Will you choose to dwell in heaven or hell?
Jeremiah said, ‘it is like fire shut up in my bones”. Jeremiah was not talking about misusing, grieving or quenching Spirit by jumping around out of control, babbling in the googoo gaga language of other tongues, falling over backwards, getting drunk in Spirit while not receiving and/or understanding why Spirit was there and what it was there to accomplish! He was talking about that transforming fire that burns into the depths of ones soul, which brings growth, change, restoration, and a purity of knowing that one has been in the Presence of an all loving compassionate G-D.

Heaven and earth prophetically are two states of mind. Both are the manifestations of spiritual Laws and concepts of a Kingdom here on Earth! The spiritual side of heaven exists as a place of higher thoughts. We need to know that both the heavens and the earth are the manifestations of the Image and Likeness of the  Ideals  of   G-D's Thoughts!

Peter talks about the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the 'heavens' will pass away with a roar and the 'elements' will be destroyed with intense heat, and the 'earth' and it's 'works' will be burned up or consumed.  Since all these things are to be destroyed (or consumed) in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness?”  It was a metaphor not a hell.

The day of the Lord will come as a thief! The day of the Lord is the day in which one's flesh will be consumed with the transformational fire of Spirit that will ignite and awaken our heart, mind and soul! 

The swiftness is the   result of Spirit moving to transform one who relent to Spirit in obedience and pliability to the interior works of Spirit. All we have to do is say, yes.  Give me what I need and it i done! We may not even be aware of it. The work of Spirit is quick and works within one in rapid velocity as one relent to their own false concepts of who they think G-D is to that of dwelling in righteousness, love, honor and respect for others and the earth. 

The speed of which one's nature, thoughts and change of consciousness occurs depends on how quickly one relent, have pure intent and want the inner workings. This is what the Scripture refers to when it states, “We Shall Be Changed" in the "Twinkling of an Eye"...we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is”. 

When one has been through the Fire, they receive ability and capacity to adapt to change, to be pliable, to discern and 'Shamah' (Hebrew: hear and obey) those things freely given through Spirit!

This 'fire' which causes the burning and the elements to melt with intense heat is rhetorical, symbolic and prophetic. Mankind in their lower beastly mindsets automatically take the literal or intellectual view of Scriptures. Therefore, missing the spiritual concepts,  intent,  Heart  and  Mind  of G-D. 

Peter also speaks of Paul according to the wisdom given him, wrote to you as also in all his letters speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction” . He warned the churches to be on guard “lest they be carried away by the error of unprincipled men” Just take a look at what is happening in churches all over the World today! 

It is plan to see that error is being taught instead of Truth. The people of have become acclimated to dwelling in the rudimentary basics of the literal aspects of Truth and the elementary concepts of  Christ. They think that they have arrived and this is all that there is. All the while they look for some distant heaven or a so-called rapture where all their troubles will be over as they walk on streets of gold! 

However, Scripture says ears have not heard neither have eyes seen the things that G-D has in store for those who have true love and are obedient to Commandments. Why?  The Christ summed the Commandments up, the baisc Law of life in two principles: Love and honor for G-D and love and honor for others.

Many religious leaders of today teach tradition and what I call the 'topical' aspects of the Bible. They teach from their intellect not having experienced the revelation that would cause them to expound from tested, tried and true anointed consciousness. Therefore, they haven't a clue as to the Divine Principles or the Divine Laws of Life enveloped within adhering to the Ten Commandments! 

This is what Peter was speaking of when he said that Paul warned us about unprincipled men! They are Law breakers! They are Covenant Breakers! They teach the people to be disobedient to and reject the Principles and Laws that will lead them to a life in Heaven! 
People all around the world  are hungry for Truth, however, many cannot identify it because of the lower beastly mindset they have become acclimated to. Many attack the Enlightened Channels or oracles while the majority of their religious leaders plagiarize Revelation received by them. This leads to those leaders regurgitating truth; watering it down to fit their agenda of controlling the people. They come against Truth and teach the people to reject the very Principles that will bring them freedom and into Christ Consciousness. They, therefore, teach the people instead of Truth, error and traditions of men.

Without a doubt, our old nature or the old man is being transformed from glory to glory as we ascend from one level of spiritual growth to the next level. This growth and ascension process continues until we have been totally transfigured in our spirit by the Spirit of Burning. 

We leave the old sense man from seeing ourselves as imperfect to being perfect; from being limited to becoming unlimited; from mortal to immortal; from temporal to eternal; from being separated from G-D to god consciousness; and, ultimately Divine Union.

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