Saturday, July 22, 2017


We humans are the reasons for the calamity and destruction we face that is revisiting the earth.

What you have done to the African mind; your infiltration of their land; the way you have stolen and sequester their true identity. You have taken away their spirituality that removed them from their true source of freedom and greatness of the Ancients of Days, replacing it with a watered-down, White-washed version of their truth and reality, giving them an inferior religion of darkness, hate, violence and control. 

You then have the mitigate gall to say they are doing it to themselves. You have audacity to then say, think and act towards them as if it is they alone who are responsible for their own conditions. This is the greatest, vilest human deception of all time.

“Give them Fisher Price Toys”,  In the Know states, the prevailing thought of many.  How dare you! China you best tread softly.

Africans are and has always been a peaceful welcoming people. The Violence you instigated, perpetuated and the World have witnessed through your media, is what you have created. You have negatively influenced the very psychic of the African and those of Diaspora, conjuring up darkness.

Then you have the nerve to say forget about it and move on without altruistic viable means of action or reparations. "It was not us but our ancestors who perpetuate those atrocities against the African", you say.  However, you are still beneficiaries from the Transatlantic Slave Trade and slavery.

The same Bible your ancestors wrote, the same Constitution your ancestors wrote, of which you used to reinforce autocracy over nations of people; “Slaves seek not to be free”, is the same bible that says, “Your sins will be visited upon the third and fourth generations”.  The same thought that “all men are created equally”, you have deemed inapplicable for the African. Yet, you continually make concessions for yourselves; to assert that your New Covenant is your means of escape and retribution as you continually disparage, hate, kill and mistreat those of ancestry of whom your mothers and fathers killed, maimed, destroyed mentally, physically and spiritually. You are treating a people worse than your animals unto this day.

Even the Bills you have passed were worthless in effect, as you carried out your evil and dark ways of thinking into the making of them.

It is you America and Europe who have created this darkness, chaos and evil in this world. How dare you displace nations of people, invade their land, force them into free labor, deny education, keeping them in darkness an despair even today; as you rob, kill and steal from the Nations of Africa. This you do under the control of your dark and evil elite, as you not only continue to brainwash and control Africans, but your own people to their demise and the judgments that are surly coming. Catch the Vision.

Hotep Light One Love!
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