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“In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of men.…I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through me…I AM the Light of the world, he who follows Me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Life…while I AM in the world, I AM the Light of the world.”

This means that Yahshua (Jesus), the Christ-Man was I AM! The Christ-Man was the totality of the embodiment of  the Creator G-D in fleshly form. I AM is the Creator! I AM is a Christ-Man! I AM  is the Light perpetuating the Life force of a reflection of the Divine Creators Attributes and the Spiritual Energy of His Essence, which is Spirit. I AM is the Light of Life! I AM that! As I AM that, so are humans to be!

The Creator, whatever title one cares to use  is ALL and infinite with no beginning and no end. I AM was when there was no other. I AM is the totality of our god-hood as a Christ. I AM is all that we need. I AM is all that we can receive of our Creators attributes and character. This is why mankind is continually seeking that of which our spirit and heart desire—Light! 

Light is the life force in humans connecting us to our Creator. It is this Light of Revelation today that is being released to and through those who have come into the reality of I AM!
I was accused of releasing New Age beliefs not long ago. My response to that individual, who intensely sought me out coming against Truth, was that 'perhaps I should study New Age'. If New Age is saying the same things that Divine Spirit is revealing unto me, it is certainly worth looking into. I thought I don't know about New Age but I know about the universal message for this age.

Many dwell in the lower flows of religiondom and I can understand that. The Higher Call is not for all; ascension into Shift to tap into and unite with the Universal Divine Creator takes time, effort, work,  a selfless nature and pliable spirit.  I know, without a doubt that we are diverse beings having multiple skills, different characters and mannerisms’, environments and sociological backgrounds that are unique to the godly gifts each of us were endowed with. Certainly we are all at different levels of spirituality and various levels of growth. 

If  Christians could grasp this basic truth and the reality that the ‘building fit jointly together’ and as Christ says, "I have other sheep not of this fold",  they will realize that we were not designed the same nor does the Creator want us to be. How can a building fit together if both joints are male or if both joints are female? How could a plumber plumb without male and female joints? 
I minister from ZIONZION  is a level of spirituality where one not only tap into that Divine Energy but transcend the earthly realm of consciousness ascending into spiritual realms.  The Enlightened One's understand where people are. We 'see' their spiritual level by discerning their spirit. I know the diverseness needed to build the Kingdom as any  Enlightened One should.  Otherwise, how could these Foundation builders lay the proper foundation upon the Cornerstone?

Therefore, those familiar with the I AM Movement; I assure you that I am NOT speaking of the doctrine they proclaim, at least not that I am aware of.  I do not nor do I have to listen to or take someone else’s messages and tweak them. I have Divine Counsel as it pertains to my Election and Life-Purpose.

I can say that like all Enlightened One's that I hear directly from ZION! We dwell in ZION! We wewe born there!  Many  have been Chosen and given  truth and revelation into  the Mysteries of the Kingdom. Therefore, we have no need to get truth and revelation from a second hand source.  I am not bragging or trying to exalt myself, these are just the facts and should be so with every human. We should all know who we are, what we are here to do, be efficient and effective having been tested and tried to accomplish any task of our Metron and Life-Purpose. 
I admonish you readers to take what Spirit speaks to you and leave the rest alone. Those who are enlightened are to bring others into a higher level of understanding and spirituality at whatever level. We all are on this earth for a specific purpose! We have all been given gifts and as gifts for mankind.  However, unless we are aware of and have developed those gifts and know who we are and why we were created to be, we cannot help others.

The only help that we can be to those who have not received Light is to be enlightened ourselves, we can then share the knowledge of those experiences. We were not put here on this earth to "save" others but to save ourselves! Apostle Prince Darrell Love Enoch El Bay Kinsey says, "The earth is our training ground to become perfect" (Paraphased)

The beauty of choice is that everyone has the ability to receive and grow in Light or reject Truth and Revelation  becoming stagnate never coming to the knowledge of the Mysteries of "Being" or fulfillment in their life. I just appreciate others allowing me to share as I ascend to the next round. Once I have received, I release.  Once I have done what is required of me, it is between the hearer and their conscious what they do with it. My job as a teacher is done!
I AM is the Divine Creators Name or Seal in  the mind, heart and spirit/soul of man! I AM is G-D as the indwelling-Christ, the Anointed Spirit, that dwells in man in the Image and Likeness as eloheem! 

The word eloheem was replaced and translated in Geneses to G-D.  The Creator is Eloheem (elohiym). Eloheem is a plural noun for the One Universal Divine Creator of whom many call G-D, and the gods created by G-D!  "Have you not read in your Scriptures that 'You are gods'?" This is the question the Christman asked the religious leaders in his day.

We must remember that the Greek Scriptures, that forms the Bible that has come down to us, were transliterated from the Septuagint and/or the Masoretic Text which was translated from the ancient languages of  Old Hebrew and Aramaic. The Greeks were a polytheistic people and their concepts for all gods was the word ‘theos’. I want you to know that YAHshua-Jesus, the Apostles and the early Judeo Christian church had only the so-called Old Testament or the Hebrew Scriptures. However, they expounded teachings of revelation and their experiences into sermons and letters (epistles) eventually put together (Canonized) in books called the New Testament or the Greek Scriptures as we know it today the Bible. 

This is basic condensed knowledge that everyone should know, yet many do not. The ones who do not know are easily identifiable with their comments proclaiming what does it matter what language etc all that matters is that "Jesus is the Light".  If this is one's belief, they are right! They are happy with that knowledge and will reside at that basic level. Many for their entire life or should I say their existence. However, why stop there?  Scripture says that "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".
Know that there are Holy Books of Antiquities that many of us has never laid eyes on.  Why?  To preserve their divine integrity from those who would discount and pervert the divine messages they contain.  

There are nations of powerful  people who are unaware of who they are simply because they have lost memory through becoming acclimated to Western and or European civilization and religious mindsets.  This is why we must, as Paul continually insisted,   renew our minds--be transformed in our thinking process!

It is the Christ man that the Divine Creator Eloheem created! The Christ man is the totality of the Creators perfection in Divine Union of both male and female characteristics, the I AM in mankind. 

I hate to burst someone’s bubble but the Creator did not create two distinct beings called male and female, he created mankind—ADAM—A hu-man—a perfect spiritual Being in flesh! That human being was called mankind (Adam) because it was the perfect Image of the Creator! When the Creator blew the Breath of Life in the Adam, the perfect being called human, it became a Christ-man--A perfect divine androgynous being just like  Eloheem! “G-D created man in the Image of G-D created him: male and female…and breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life and (the) MAN became a living Being” Man then had to be separated to be compatible with the female aspect of itself, it became a male and a female—Adam and Adamah. 

We human beings have been on a quest since then to be restored and made whole again into that perfect Christ man, it is an innate desire—to be restored as the creators and gods of our destiny; to become restored back into that Perfect Image of wholeness and unity with the Universal Divine Creator as I AM!
Humanity, separated, became lost in their own selfishness’s even to a point where the Universe was cleansed all of humanity and was destroyed in order to start over again. The Creator saw that there had to become  an "anointed" man, in order to reset the course for mankind to follow, if there was ever going to be any Hope for creation! Therefore, the Creators gave birth to a Christ-Man to make provisions and show humans how we could be restored back into that perfect state when the Creator Eloheem said, “Let US make man in OUR Image”. Consider, who the US and OUR is? 

An Israelite once pointed out my error to me when I recounted the statement in a discussion 'Let US make man" that the original writings did not say 'US' and 'OUR' but ONE.  Proved my point!

Before the separation of the man or the divine being it was perfect! It was only after the separation, when the human became distinctive individuals as male and female that the problems associated with disunion and a selfish beastly influence began.  How ironic that "ish" is man. Gotta love that one. Anyway, everyone knows the story. The bottom line is that the Creators birthed a Christ-Man to restore all as eloheem--to restore humans to wholeness again--a perfect human—a Christ man! A god-man as I AM!
Christ, defined as an anointed one, is the spiritual representation of I AM. I AM is the creator of one’s conscious unity  to the Father/Mother Creator.

The I AM is one who has been birthed by Mother Spirit, dwelling in the Light of the Father; it is the spiritual self and one governed by a regenerated spirit/soul according to the Wisdom, Essence and Spirit of the Shechaniah Glory (female aspect) of the Creator. 

I AM is the direct link and the manifestation of humans as the offspring of the Creator. Humans are eloheem distinguished from the sensual self, the fleshly self or beastly mind. This is why the Christ-Man said, “he who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life…I know where I came from and where I AM going; but you do not know where I came from or where I AM going.”  The Christ said this because those who abide in the flesh judge according to the flesh. Those who abide in the flesh cares after the things of the flesh. Those who abide in flesh cannot receive the things of Spirit! 
However, Christ reiterated, “I AM not judging anyone…You know neither Me, nor My Father; if you knew Me, you would know My Father…I AM from above, you are from below, you are of this world, I AM not of this world…If you abide in Me and My Word abide in shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free”

The Christ man was saying that if you were  born from above  and regenerated and renewed in spirit that you would  have the character and 'essence' of the Creator. You will know from whence you came!  You would have been restored having died to your own self will, mind and emotions; being resurrected by Spirit, surrendering to the whole will of  new man within you as I AM. For they who worship must worship in Spirit and Truth! Flesh cannot enter into the heavenlies! Therefore, those who ascend the spiritual realms of the Kingdom, the Spirit man of eloheem dwells within you as I AM!
Build yourself up! Be restored in mind, body and spirit/soul that you may receive your inheritance of Christhood to walk as I AM! The I AM of each of us is the regenerated mind into god consciousness. 

Once the mind recollect the spirit reunites with soul prompting  restoration that shifts one beyond the veil to be united with Divine Universal Mind. We can say that the highest aspect of the Christ man is the directive power within the mind of the humans having been restored as eloheem.

So we can now let go of our limited little self will, mind and emotions and receive the higher part of US that we can walk as I AM in heaven right here on earth proclaiming,  “Lo I come to do thy Will O G-D”!

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Why do we have a desire to be happy? To be loved? To experience Joy? Mankind is forever seeking enlightenment to become complete and fulfilled. These godly desires or I should say characteristics are an integral part of the DNA of the Divine Creator  that has been infused within human beings. It is our Innate.

From the messages Beyond the Mirror and Connectivity Beyond the Mirror, we learned that the joys of, happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment, love and all the positive attributes and characteristics of a perfect Divine Creator implanted within the soul of mankind. 

It was also established that the 1% is where we reside in our fleshly desires. If the above attributes are found in the spiritual realm of the 99%, then it would stand to reason that our desires were received from there as well. 

One just do not wake up one morning and desire to be happy or loved. These desires are interwoven within our DNA. We have experienced these desires before. Before when, one might ask? I believe before the creation of the Worlds. I believe that it was because of the created souls that our Universe was produced.

We can blame the fall or seperation from G-D of mankind on Adam (mankind), however, I suggest to you that the metaphorical and prophetic reality of the story of Adam and Eve was also a depiction of how we lost our memory of who we are.  Mankind lost memory of who we were and where we came from through the birth process and eventually became acclimated to the ways of life in this world. 

First, we came under subjection through the eyes of our parents then the restrictions of society as the norm. This is why we must renew our minds in order that Spirit may restore our thought process and unite our spirit back into harmony with Soul.

Now, we are the Children of  the Divine Creator. It does not yet appear what we shall be but when we are able to "see" through our spiritually awakened eyes of the mind or that 'third eye', we shall be like our Creator for we shall "see" as we were meant to be seen! 

This word ‘see’ is an earnest and continual inspection to discern clearly. By Hebrew definition, to see is to experience. Therefore, when we can discern the Creators Nature within;  having experienced, a spiritual death to the things of the world, burying our self-will mind and emotions, we will experience resurrection into Life.  This resurrection promises of an awakening and illumination of Light in  spiritual insight  that we will not only Become but  we will be resurrected  into Divine Union as eloheem.
Desires do not merely come out of nowhere. Therefore, reason would demand that we human beings have previously experienced the 99% or have been in that heavenly place; or that spiritual realm of peace, joy and happiness. 

No one desires something they are not familiar with or have never known. Our soul longs and desires to return to that realm it knows. Our soul desires and longs to reconnect to the 99% to quench the desires and longing. This longing is advantageous in that it creates friction between the Two States of Existence where humans dwell.

There are two states of experiences within the temporary dwelling or the natural body. These are the temporal dwelling (corporeal) and the Eternal dwelling (incorporeal). Both the temporal and eternal dwellings are coexistent and in both is where we experience the renewal process. 

(Click on Two States of Existence to read an excerpt on this subject from the book Third Day Sons by Jewels Prophet).

The point is that whatever longing and desires that have been impregnated within the soul, existed before time; that we know as "In the beginning"! 

The longings and desires in our heart are in the thoughts of  the human mind, which is house in the memories of  Soul. Whenever we deepen our understanding of the 99% or come to realize that there is a spiritual realm where our soul longs to return, we open up doors and portals that fill our being with positive energy or Divine Spirit. 

As we perceive and receive new principles, ideas and concepts, internalizing them, they ignite the light within our soul. This ignition create the insatiable passion for more light, wisdom and knowledge drawing us deeper as Mother Wisdom or Divine Spirit whets our spiritual appetite. Our flesh begins to wither, feeling the joy when our spirit releases the tensions flesh held, as the soul is being regenerated and renewed back to familiar surroundings.

It is when we enter into the Spiritual realm of the Revelation of the Mysteries of regenerative renewal that the Way to walk into Christhood no longer remains secret but little by little (from faith to faith, experience to experience) that Spirituality becomes a reality in our life. 

This is that hidden wisdom that the bible refers to of which only the Elect or the awakened ones are privy to. Or should I say the wisdom hidden from creation is revealed to the Sons who has reached Teleios and has  been restored into the Light to receive their Inheritance of the Royal Family Secrets.

Scripture admonishes us to study to show ourselves approved. The reason for studying is to gain more knowledge; to venture beyond the rudimentary basics that our spirit might be sparked by the rays of the Divine energy of Spirit. This is so we may be drawn into enlightenment and fulfillment to ‘Become’.
Before time, as we know it, there was only the reality of Divine Universal Energy. The Nature of this Energy was to share its Essence. The Essence of this Energy is infinite and all fulfilling of every desire. This Essence is the Cause of everything! It is the "First Principle". Humans are that Principle.

In order to impart this Divine Energy there had to be something to receive it.--Spirit/Soul housed in flesh. The Soul, therefore, became Innate receptacles to house this Essence within humans. This Essence,  longs to bring us into the Secret Chambers of Divine Union—Heaven right here on earth, in preparation for our ultimate goal of a Glorified Body.

We are on a continual quest and search for meaning in our lives. In our many pursuits, we neglect the very thing we seek, continually hungering for spiritual sustenance and positive changes. We all look for the ‘Coming of Christ’. 

I submit to you that Christ has returned to Tabernacle in the spirit/soul of human beings to whomever will receive. It is from the spirit/soul or Innate of the regenerated man that the Light  has come and will shine as a lighthouse for all who dwells in darkness of the lower flows of spirit to follow.

The Spirit Realm is beyond human perception, a world of order, perfection, endless joy, the source, the hidden origin of the physical world of infinite knowledge where Universal Divine Law rules a perfect System. Catch the vision!

Apostle Rubie James with our compliments and sincere thanks for your support 101Things I AM FREE! 101 THINGS I AM also contains a glossary of terms and words used by the Apostle to quicken ones understanding of  prophetic prose. (click on photo or above link)

Apostle Rubie James is a published author who writes under the pseudonym JEWELS PROPHET.  Review and purchase her books in paperback and e-Book at Amazon (click on Jewels Prophet) or Amazon: 

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