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Why do we have a desire to be happy? To be loved? To experience Joy? Mankind is forever seeking enlightenment to become complete and fulfilled. These godly desires or I should say characteristics are an integral part of the DNA of the Divine Creator  that has been infused within human beings. It is our Innate.

From the messages Beyond the Mirror and Connectivity Beyond the Mirror, we learned that the joys of, happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment, love and all the positive attributes and characteristics of a perfect Divine Creator implanted within the soul of mankind. 

It was also established that the 1% is where we reside in our fleshly desires. If the above attributes are found in the spiritual realm of the 99%, then it would stand to reason that our desires were received from there as well. 

One just do not wake up one morning and desire to be happy or loved. These desires are interwoven within our DNA. We have experienced these desires before. Before when, one might ask? I believe before the creation of the Worlds. I believe that it was because of the created souls that our Universe was produced.

We can blame the fall or seperation from G-D of mankind on Adam (mankind), however, I suggest to you that the metaphorical and prophetic reality of the story of Adam and Eve was also a depiction of how we lost our memory of who we are.  Mankind lost memory of who we were and where we came from through the birth process and eventually became acclimated to the ways of life in this world. 

First, we came under subjection through the eyes of our parents then the restrictions of society as the norm. This is why we must renew our minds in order that Spirit may restore our thought process and unite our spirit back into harmony with Soul.

Now, we are the Children of  the Divine Creator. It does not yet appear what we shall be but when we are able to "see" through our spiritually awakened eyes of the mind or that 'third eye', we shall be like our Creator for we shall "see" as we were meant to be seen! 

This word ‘see’ is an earnest and continual inspection to discern clearly. By Hebrew definition, to see is to experience. Therefore, when we can discern the Creators Nature within;  having experienced, a spiritual death to the things of the world, burying our self-will mind and emotions, we will experience resurrection into Life.  This resurrection promises of an awakening and illumination of Light in  spiritual insight  that we will not only Become but  we will be resurrected  into Divine Union as eloheem.
Desires do not merely come out of nowhere. Therefore, reason would demand that we human beings have previously experienced the 99% or have been in that heavenly place; or that spiritual realm of peace, joy and happiness. 

No one desires something they are not familiar with or have never known. Our soul longs and desires to return to that realm it knows. Our soul desires and longs to reconnect to the 99% to quench the desires and longing. This longing is advantageous in that it creates friction between the Two States of Existence where humans dwell.

There are two states of experiences within the temporary dwelling or the natural body. These are the temporal dwelling (corporeal) and the Eternal dwelling (incorporeal). Both the temporal and eternal dwellings are coexistent and in both is where we experience the renewal process. 

(Click on Two States of Existence to read an excerpt on this subject from the book Third Day Sons by Jewels Prophet).

The point is that whatever longing and desires that have been impregnated within the soul, existed before time; that we know as "In the beginning"! 

The longings and desires in our heart are in the thoughts of  the human mind, which is house in the memories of  Soul. Whenever we deepen our understanding of the 99% or come to realize that there is a spiritual realm where our soul longs to return, we open up doors and portals that fill our being with positive energy or Divine Spirit. 

As we perceive and receive new principles, ideas and concepts, internalizing them, they ignite the light within our soul. This ignition create the insatiable passion for more light, wisdom and knowledge drawing us deeper as Mother Wisdom or Divine Spirit whets our spiritual appetite. Our flesh begins to wither, feeling the joy when our spirit releases the tensions flesh held, as the soul is being regenerated and renewed back to familiar surroundings.

It is when we enter into the Spiritual realm of the Revelation of the Mysteries of regenerative renewal that the Way to walk into Christhood no longer remains secret but little by little (from faith to faith, experience to experience) that Spirituality becomes a reality in our life. 

This is that hidden wisdom that the bible refers to of which only the Elect or the awakened ones are privy to. Or should I say the wisdom hidden from creation is revealed to the Sons who has reached Teleios and has  been restored into the Light to receive their Inheritance of the Royal Family Secrets.

Scripture admonishes us to study to show ourselves approved. The reason for studying is to gain more knowledge; to venture beyond the rudimentary basics that our spirit might be sparked by the rays of the Divine energy of Spirit. This is so we may be drawn into enlightenment and fulfillment to ‘Become’.
Before time, as we know it, there was only the reality of Divine Universal Energy. The Nature of this Energy was to share its Essence. The Essence of this Energy is infinite and all fulfilling of every desire. This Essence is the Cause of everything! It is the "First Principle". Humans are that Principle.

In order to impart this Divine Energy there had to be something to receive it.--Spirit/Soul housed in flesh. The Soul, therefore, became Innate receptacles to house this Essence within humans. This Essence,  longs to bring us into the Secret Chambers of Divine Union—Heaven right here on earth, in preparation for our ultimate goal of a Glorified Body.

We are on a continual quest and search for meaning in our lives. In our many pursuits, we neglect the very thing we seek, continually hungering for spiritual sustenance and positive changes. We all look for the ‘Coming of Christ’. 

I submit to you that Christ has returned to Tabernacle in the spirit/soul of human beings to whomever will receive. It is from the spirit/soul or Innate of the regenerated man that the Light  has come and will shine as a lighthouse for all who dwells in darkness of the lower flows of spirit to follow.

The Spirit Realm is beyond human perception, a world of order, perfection, endless joy, the source, the hidden origin of the physical world of infinite knowledge where Universal Divine Law rules a perfect System. Catch the vision!

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  1. Its time to come into covenant with God under the chosen stewards of His house to receive the true foundation of Christ laid with in the heart. Time is very short, take heed.

  2. Indeed! Those who profess to be His should already be in a covenant relationship. All should have the Testimony of Christ and keep the Commandments of G-D, for this is the Covenant for those who are the Remnant and "Overcomers". Without a doubt, the Foundation Stones of ZION built upon the Cornerstone, Elected to build up the Royal Household until all come into unity of the Faith, should certainly be walking worthy of the Vocation of which they were Called!Yes, the 'time of the end' for many is short and we should all take heed lest we fall! Thank you for your insightful comment! Shalom Blessings Agape!