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Dreams, visions and intuition are all moments when we make connection to the 99% reality of the Spirit Realm or the Kingdom. 

In order to penetrate the 99%, one have emptied their mind of preconceived notions, thoughts etc., their senses decreased, they are in a state of unconscious thought. Spirit is therefore able to freely implant insight and illumine  one’s conscious mind or psychic and spirit teleporting one to that place, where true spirituality and worship is. One can then have that connectivity into the Spirit Realm where ALL exist.

We must be cognizant that Spirit will meet us right where we are. For example, if you are one of those who has been steadfast in the belief that we are no longer under the Law but grace, you may get a dream, vision or intuitive thought.  However, your processing and/or acceptance of it will reflect on the depth of your understanding of the revelation. Or your rejection of Law and Order will limit the amount of information insight, light and understanding you receive. 

If you do not believe in Law and Order but grace and I take nothing from grace, however, you will not receive revelation into the workings of the spiritual realm which is Law and Order. Therefore, you limit your ability to enter into the 99%. 

Those who are unable to ascend into the 'Holy of Holies' to go beyone the veil; that 99% are always identifiable as they mentally create and blame another source for their misfortunes and lack. More popularly they put the blame on a devil, demon or a satan because of their inability to crucify their own flesh to create an atmosphere to receive.
Meditation, contemplation, praying and praising are conduits to connectivity beyond the mirror image or to the 99% and heighten one’s senses to the need to go beyond the 1% of humans 3-D existance. 

As we stated in the message Beyond the Mirror, the one percent is the natural realm of which we have become acclimated to living. The one percent is the physical realm. Many pray and praise from the 1% of the sense realm of what they know and where they are spiritually. True praise is to become the Righteousness of the Creator Father/Mother

It is also in the 99% where True pure untainted communication occurs. One who has entered into the Spirit Realm has died to their own sensual desires, self-will, mind and emotions as they are clothed or are being clothed with an anointed mind--the mind of a Christ.
In the replica of the Temple or Tabernacle, which is one of the 'shadows', 'types' and ‘patterns’ that we have been given as an example of the ascension to shift into the spiritual realms, the prayers of the saints are in the Holy Place before entry into the Holy of Holies. The praise and worship singers are located off to the side just inside the inner court.  Many believe that praise and worship opens the portal giving them entry into the Holy of Holies. How literally and spiritually far from the Truth.  Jumping and flinging around feeling the overflow is what children do when overwhelmed by Spirit.  This is where Spirit is wooing one to come on in; to ascend to another spiritual level.
The 99% is where one walks the Highway to the Root; the Seed, the Cause of ALL causes. In order to effect change, one must move into the higher dimensions of the Spirit Realm! However, many of us have become accustomed to the 1% of the reflection in the mirror, looking dimly through our senses. Therefore, it is difficult for us to accept what is beyond the natural. Yet, we expect miracles. We pray for the anointing. We want to heal the sick. We want to do what all the great Christ minds who came before us has done.  You can bet that these did and do  moved beyond the natural realm into the limitless Spirit Realm--These are the masters.
Your image in the mirror represents a very limited version of your true self. The mirror image is you but does not reflect any of your body Systems, feelings, desires but a mere two dimensional reflection of your three-dimensional reality. For instance, your image does not blink. You are the true source of the blinking of your eyes. Therefore, your image mirrors you but your image can not blink for you. You are the true source of the blink.

We humans have been conditioned to focus on the 1% of the natural realm. Therefore, to go beyond into the 99%, into the spiritual realm, seems odd perhaps even unattainable to many. If you think about it, everything we want or our true desires cannot be obtained physically. But our true desires of happiness, peace, joy, loves, wisdom, health, wealth all can be is found in the 99% of the spiritual realm—Heaven, one might say. Yet, we chase our physical passions, merely scratching the surface of our true existence trying to mirror and or mimic the 99%--The True Source! This is where we will find true fulfillment and happiness.
The reason for our dis-contentedness is that we have been and are disconnected from the Source of our true self. This is why Saint Paul continually released the message of renewal, restoration and transformation. The Apostle received and walked in his Christ mind going Beyond the Veil, Face to Face as I AM into Divine Union in the 99%! He was therefore one who was able, qualified and was justified to give us snippets into the Mysteries of the Kingdom! Once we learn how to reconnect, we eradicate all negatives, all bad and ill feelings and thoughts becoming filled with that eternal light, we do seek for that which will last--that which is eternal.

The Key to connecting to the Divine Creator or the 99% is in knowing how to connect to the Higher Principles and Laws that govern the 99% of the spiritual world of reality! This Divine Knowledge has been revealed, impregnated and has become an integral appendage of the Divine nature and vision of the awakened ones, I call the Third Day Sons; those who walk in Christhood and Divine Union.

Human purpose is to be transformed, transfigure, and transcend the 1% from which we exist in this 3-D world of fleshly desires to reality of the 99%. When we ‘transliterate’ and transcend into the Higher Spirit Realm, we touch Spirit evoking Divine Law that brings positive lasting change into our lives.
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Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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