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Scripture admonishes us to become the righteousness of G-D! What does it actually mean to be righteous?

Paul writes  “He made him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of G-D ‘in-Him’”.

I remember being sent to a place and hearing the “In-Him” message some years ago. As I looked back, the person obviously had not received revelation but was rehashing and possibly plagiarizing someone else’s message, very ineffectively I might add. I thought possibly, as a minister, that I had missed something. I began to do what anyone concerned about walking in Light would do—I began to question and analyze myself. However, I soon came to realize that that person had not experienced what he was teaching, therefore unable to release with conviction and a full knowledge of the message. It was like listening to and watching a babe learning to talk. Thinking that it had the words down and actually making sense to those of whom it spoke as it gurgled happily excitedly waving its arms.

I find the same thing going on today. This lack of research, study, experiences and the ability to transcend the spirit realms to receive Truth and Revelation.  It seems humans have become lost in a popular frenzy, stealing and regurgitating some other man or woman hard work and sacrifices. However, they cannot release effectively because they have not experienced eating at the Masters Table in the Holy Place. Let alone, have they been granted access into the Holy of Holies into the Presence where Revelation is actually given. Therefore, they become ineffective conduits perpetuating small amounts of truth watered down by perhaps an elaborate show of seminary theological tactics or theatrics designed to boost the spirit of the people in an excited state of “feel-good”! They make people ‘feel’ as if they are receiving an anointed message. The people then walk away feeling good, however, could not actually say what the message was about or what they learned or if what they received would cause them to grow.

These are they who think because they were made to feel good and to feel a move of the Spirit that everything is all good. They had a visitation of Spirit and that is what they have become acclimated to going to church for—make me feel good! Ever learning but never coming into the knowledge of Truth or should I say ever feeling good seeking that touch yet not receiving why Spirit was there to begin with.

However, the people are hungry for Truth and Revelation. The “cover” to the Mysteries of the Kingdom has been taken off and the table is spread for all who would  enter in to feast at the Table of ‘Shew Bread’ and to go ‘Beyond the Veil’! Without a doubt the veil has been torn allowing all access into the Holy Place, however, many are they who cannot see the way to  enter in.

Therefore, how does one become the Righteousness of G-D if they do not enter into the Holy place? Everyone is seeking a higher level, perhaps a position, without an awareness of their proposed or intended purpose. Therefore, unless one knows Who they are, Why they are here and what their purpose on this earth to do is, they cannot enter into that spiritual realm of Righteousness. 

In order to enter in, one must know the three “W’s”, as I call them. Who, Why, and What.

The Enlightened Ones or in Christianity, the Prophets and the Apostles  were specifically chosen as the ‘foundations’ to teach the three W’s, however, we are not going to spend time on that subject because becoming the Righteousness of  G-D is for whosoever will; teaching how to become the righteousness is for the Enlightened Ones.
We humans must really stop the fairytale stuff and come into the realization that we are NOT accidents! We were NOT hap-hazzardly born or put on this earth and that we all have a purpose and vision. We merely must stop playing church and come to that realization.

If you are sitting under a leader who has this goal in mind, that is, for you to reach your full potential, you are where you belong. Therefore stop fusing and fighting with what is being revealed to you, receive it and allow Spirit to work the reality of it into your life. On the other hand, if that leaders mind is set on anything else, you need to leave that place!

There are a Select Group, called the Remnant or the Elect, that has been Predestined for such a purpose and they are being revealed. “For whom He  foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the IMAGE OF HIS SON” …whom also was Called and Justified and glorified, ‘In-Him’. The Elect were Predestined before the foundation of the Worlds. “Also, we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to purpose, who works ALL things after the Counsel of His Will that we who find our HOPE as a Christ should be to the praise of  Glory!  When humans Become as I AM, this is the Righteousness of G-D—The Righteousness of  of G-D!

To become a Christ is the hope of our glory! The Righteousness of G-D is to receive ones inheritance as a Son; to enter into  Christhood; to be restored as gods. This is how G-D is glorified! This is how humans receive their Glory and Righteousness! Therefore, if you are walking any other way, you ware walking below your means. 

Many are they who says, “Yahshua-Jesus is the Way, Truth and Light and that no man comes to the Father except through the Son”. Mindsets needs to be changed and renewed to receive the prophetical  esoteric aspects in the messages that Spirit has given to us. 

The Christ was our example of how to walk and receive our ‘inheritance’ because mankind had clouded the gospel and the Way with nonessential and their traditions. Today, the same thing is happening within the churches. This is why the unrest and why the are being scrutinized. We will continue to see not only this but we will see an increase of other sudden tell-tell signs that will move them out of the way ‘by any means necessary’.

Let me tell you all that this, the one many call Jesus, Yahshua is NOT going to come back and show you again! The Way has been shown and given. Yet many forsaking the right way, have gone astray, having followed the way of Balaam…who loved the wages of unrighteousness…speaking arrogant words of vanity they entice fleshly desires…promising freedom while they themselves are slaves. They are slaves to a religious System that speaks revolt and rejection of true spirituality! It would be better had they not known the way of righteousness than having known it and turn away.

For the sake of clarity, Balaam is translated lord of the people or those who lord over humans to teach them and lead them to an unfilled purpose. In the esoteric and prophetic sense, Balaam is the mental senses within man. Balaam is a foreign thought. This foreign thought or mindset cannot fight openly for Truth but seek subtle ways to undermine, adulterate and destroy truth and distort the thoughts and minds of the people to be restored to a ‘more excellent way’, perfect comprehension, realization, and expression of reality. They do this by keeping them in the sense or fleshly realm. 

Balaam could not curse Israel but he lead them into spiritual idolatry and fornication that they might be enslaved.

The Hebrew word ‘tsadaq’ [tsaw-dak] used for righteousness is defined as to be justified; to be turned to righteousness; to make right. Objectively to be just, have moral virtue. Paul was speaking of and calling on the Christians to be equitable in their conduct and actions; to be holy specifically to be justified by truth; to be justified in their purpose; to be justified in the Faith.

To become the Righteousness of G-D is to come into Divine Union with. In order for one to come into Divine Union, one must receive their ‘Inheritance as  Christs. There is no other way to the Father other than one becoming a Christ. “Anyone who do not practice righteousness is not of G-D. The righteousness of G-D is revealed  as one transcends spiritual levels from faith to faith”.
Apostle Rubie James

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