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We all come into this world for purpose--to correct something. What could there be to correct one might ask? What could there possible be to correct if one has not been in a place and/or situation having done or said something that need to be corrected? 

Am I hinting at reincarnation? I am not talking reincarnation, in the sense that conjures up all the negative ‘Star Track’ type images most Christians have.  Although, I do not totally reject reincarnation. I do not know enough or have been shown enough, in that sense, to say yea or nay. However, I can say that it is a matter of semantics and ones definition and belief system that defines words for them. 

I certainly am not judge and jury to those who think and or who believes different than myself. We all are entitled to our beliefs. I have been Elected to the Nations to bring them to and point them back to Reality!--To renewal and restoration.  If someone wants to call it reincarnation they have a right to do so. 

I want to tell you something, Christianity is not the only holy or righteous belief System there is.  Before Christianity there was an ancient holy spiritual civilization. This Ancient civilization was the pattern for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and a spin-off for all religions. 

If one believes that Christianity is the only way they  would certainly be limiting the Infinite Energy of the entity many call Creator, G-D, Holy Spirit and the Sun of Righteousness, which is an epithet for the Son within their life!
My concept of reincarnation, I am certain, without a doubt, slightly differs from what perhaps others may think it is. Just as my concepts on restoration, renewal and regeneration differs from those who dwell in the rudimentary basics of Christianity. This does not mean that either is wrong. It means that our Creator created   endless diversity and infinite wisdom. 

I dwell in the prophetic realm having the Testimony of a Christ (anointed one) as channel or an oracle from Zion.  Therefore the concepts, definitions and revelations of the divine language we humans receive is limited only to our ability to tailor and interpret what we receive of that humans can grasp in our limited 3-D world, is what the enlightened ones project, teach and release. 

The Testimony of Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy that reveals the Mysteries of the Kingdom and that which was hidden of  Secret Wisdom and Counsel. However, with the Shift in spiritual consciousness, the portals have been opened to release all that humans can receive.  We cannot linearize or intellectualize divine concepts or Divine Language. I am merely one of the many who has been given insight and revelation into the esoteric mysteries of the Kingdom. And believe, I am merely scratching the surface of the esoteric revelatory messages contained in the Ancient Scrolls, Stele, Scripture and other holy writings of antiquity.  

It is to whom much is given, much is required.
The prefix ‘re’ means before. Restoration, regeneration, reincarnation, reinstate, renewal, re-establish, rebirth, recreation, resurrection are all words used synonymously, which indicates a change and a new beginning. Therefore, do not get hung up on the traditional uses of words.

Words are being added to dictionaries all of the time. The English Language is full of a host of words borrowed from various languages. Sometimes the definitions are of a totally different nature or the usage may not necessarily be suitable to other cultures the way Westerners may use a word. Therefore, when Spirit 'speaks' or impress upon ones mind, She do so in a filtered and common language that all may understand.  Most often it is ones understanding that is flawed, not the message.

The Christian mindset, most often reject, misuse and misinterpret definitions that does not fit into their doctrine and teachings. 

I have noticed that if a popular televangelist or TV personality begin to use a word, it most often catches on and mostly all will begin to use it, without censorship, what was perhaps intended for or given to that individual for a particularly situation.

For instance, someone at one point, whether anointed or a part of their teaching persona, perhaps as an ‘attention getter’ or ‘audience participation’ technique, started the phrase, “Somebody turn to your neighbor and say ‘he’s not talking about me’.” This phrase or similar phrases swept through Christendom and are still being used as many mimic someone else who may or may not have had an epiphany.  

I have sat in a church where the Pastor thought he would get everyone into a laughing spirit, mimicking a movement that started in Canada somewhere.  Perhaps 99.9 % of the congregation all started laughing because the silly pastor was laughing.  It was not spiritual at all and certainly was not anointed. Yet, it is good to laugh.  Laughter is good for the soul.
Many use a word or phrase without knowing the true definition, etymology or perhaps plagiarizing on someone else’s revelation not receiving understanding of it. Many are at a loss as to how to receive revelation for themselves and/or their situation as they bow down to the latest craze. 

Many scientific, philosophical, or psychological words become taboo in Christianity and therefore are not used. This limits ones word power and may also limit one receiving revelation right along with it. Therefore, one only receives revelation at their level of capacity and ability to receive, perceive and understand.  This is why renewal in the spirit of your mind is paramount that you may prove what that acceptable will is for your life. It is  our human inheritance that we enter into our spiritual self of the 99%.
We have been acclimated to and taught to believe that we were just born we go through this life, trying to get all that we can to live the best possible life one can to be successful.  This is according to others standards and definitions of the  standards of success. 

We are taught to gain wealth, the American Dream, put our children through college then retire and live the good life. Wouldn’t you think that there is more to life than that? 

Many of us have not achieved those things yet. Many have and look back wondering if they could have done more. I woulda, coulda, shoulda and perhaps or still lacking in fulfillment. There is still a void that needs to be filled.

Most of us, believes in the theory of creation, evolution, reincarnation, a philosophic belief system and/or a combination of these systems. 

There are many Christians who believe they are theocratic, however, without knowledge of it, adhere to the same Ancient practices and beliefs of which they call polytheistic or witchcraft. 

Whatever theory that one believe, we were not accidents. We were (are) spiritual beings or created souls awaiting our moment to be born on the earth or placed into flesh and bone for specific purpose. We were all predetermined for purpose. We, for the most part, are not taught what that purpose is. 
Through the birth process, we lost memory of who we are as our environment dictated a particular path. We are, however, taught the basic life’s principles and how to survive in the natural realm. Therefore, we wander through life patterning it after what others before us have done. We see those who have been successful financially then go about to achieve our financial inheritance based on what we have seen. 

Therefore, many of us never find our niche, that purpose or our reason for being. We continue to lose our identity and purpose as we mimic others or are swayed by the ways of society, getting tangled up in getting as much as we can to live the so-called good life. Yet something is still amiss.

We must realize that unless we walk in our Christ mind, unless we are in Divine Union with our Creator, that there are some corrections that we must make to bring order, peace and satisfaction into our lives. 

There is a series and various levels of renewals, rebirths, growth and change that must take place in our lives in order for us to come into our intended purpose. Becoming righteous, to become fulfilled is a process! Coming into that heavenly state of peace, joy and happiness is a process of forgetting non essentials, remembering our spiritual birthplace and recognizing that it is already there within! Renewal and restoration of the mind is a process!  Coming into Divine Union is a process!

There is no faking it until you make it! There is no such thing as anything suddenly happening. There must be a previous cause which precedes any event. There are no mistakes, no accidents or sudden catastrophes. Our world is cause and effect governed by Divine and Natural Laws. Whatever happens does so for a reason under the auspices of Divine Law because humans have willed it to be so! Law is evoked by the thoughts and words of every human being on the face of this earth, individually and collectively.
We must develop ability to see beyond the 1% of our 3-D world. The one percent is the natural realm of which we have become acclimated to living. The one percent is the physical or earthly realm. To enter into the 99% realm is to go beyond the 5-senses. This is where reality abides—The Spirit Realm.

We have received many 'patterns', 'types' and examples of the paths that we are to take. Because of one’s inability to enter into the Spirit Realm, they cannot receive insight into the revelation and reality of these patterns and limit  their understanding.  The limitations or usually  because of traditions, perhaps vocabulary and the comforts of having lived so long in a natural sensory-filled life of religion, that growth has unknowingly become stagnated.

Our Lives are ruled by an unseen System of Order and Law. We cannot see beyond the cause and effects of this Law and Order because of our inability to see into the spiritual world where reality actually exists.

Many reject the Law and are not aware that Divine Law dictates the results in their life. We, humans live in the 1% of the Whole. That is to say that the natural realm merely accounts for one percent of our existence. Our problems stems from our inability to perceive beyond the 1% of our senses and what appears to be the reality of our choices and our ignorance of Laws to speak them into our daily existence.
We see things dimly as in a mirror. Our reflections are not reality! Therefore, we see the results of our reflections; the mirror image; the influences that contribute to our lives, the effects. Hardly ever do we perceive or come into the level of reality of who we are. We see and/or experience the symptoms but are unaware of the ‘Root’ or the cause. 

Thus, it is in our daily physical lives we evoke laws (known and unknown) that have positive or negative consequences and effects in our daily life. We cannot see them but we experience the effects of them from the Root Source or the 99% reality realm of the spirit world.

Now, in the 1%, we see in a mirror dimly but beyond the senses, we come face to face with reality! In order to save ones soul, one must prove to be a doer, take action to acquire or make the shift to bridge the gap to ones spiritual inheritance. If one hear and not do, it is like looking at the natural face, you go away and forget but he who looks intently into the perfect Law of Liberty and abides by it, not a forgetful hearer but effectual doer, goes beyond the senses into the Spirit Realm.
Beyond the mirror, in the spiritual realm, is a domain of Law, Order and Enlightenment. We must, therefore, go beyond that we see, taste, feel, hear and speak to experience Divine Ideas and Divine Revelation. In other words, we must tap into the 99% connecting to reality and that higher knowledge. This is where we gain ability to transcend natural laws or should I say we gain understanding of Law and how it affect what happens and the results of change in our life. 

Jewels Prophet says, “Reality is spirituality revealed!”

We are on a continual quest and search for meaning in our lives. In our many pursuits, we neglect the very thing we seek, continually hungering for spiritual sustenance and positive changes.

The Spirit Realm is beyond human perception, a System of order, perfection, endless joy, the source, the hidden origin of the physical world of infinite knowledge where a Divine System of Universal Divine Law rules—A Connectivity Beyond the Mirror.

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