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We are spiritual beings in a physical body! 

Heaven and earth prophetically, esoterically and metaphorically are two states of mind. Heaven and earth are the  manifestation of  divine universal spiritual laws and concepts of the Kingdom here on Earth!

The Creator infused divine DNA in both the physical and spiritual realms. As above so below! We have many metaphors of these replicas of heavenly abode written and revealed in Scriptures. Without a doubt there were those writings of antiquity that were eliminated or  rediscovered not included in  the canonization of the Bible that would elucidate  these principles.

These writings were intentionally eliminated and most were protected from the elite and those religious leaders who usurped their authority of control over the people.

We need to know that both the heavens and the earth are the manifestations of the 'image' and 'likeness' of the ideals and thoughts in the Mind of the Creator! The message and revelations of Restoration, Renewal, Resurrection and the New Man all deals with the mind and ones thoughts and entering into the New Heaven and the New Earth, otherwise known as heaven, Paradise, Zion or the New Jerusalem.  

We must learn these Divine Principles and incorporate the workings of Divine Law within our thought process!  We must tap into our Innate that would bring our higher thoughts into remembrance. This is what Paul continually admonished the people to do! Renew their thought process! Transform their thought! Think on positive, pure and holy things! 

In order to accomplish  a renewed  or restored mind  to come into the realization that we are what we think, we must stop giving our power over to erroneous teachings; the lie of a satan, devil or demons and start thinking with the mind of a Christ or our Christ mind, which is our higher self. 

Scripture says that satan and the devil are lying, deceiving spirits. The words satan and devil translates as an adversary, an accuser or a critical one. These same spirits dwell within man as a backbiter, gossips, thieves, covetous, false witnesses, deceivers. sorcerers, immoral persons, murderers, idolaters and everyone who practices such.

Christ said to Peter, “Get behind me satan”. What was he actually  saying and who did he say it to? Was he talking to some spirit or entity outside of Peter who had power and control over Peter?  No! Instead, the Christ was addressing Peters person; his selfishness, ignorance, arrogance and Peter's state of mind that opposed the mandate of Christ! He was talking to that unregenerate, self-willed, obstinate fleshly nature within Peter. 

Peter was not thinking as Christ! He had audacity to tell Christ, "No, this thing you speak of will never happen". Peter did not have a clue as to what he was saying! The same mindset today that makes humans have the mitigated gall and audacity to say to an Enlightened One, I have not read that in the bible. Or I am praying for you or G-D bless you! 

While it is OK to pray for your leaders and those in authority, in addition to Scriptures commanding it and those working within  ministry, one blesses them with their substance in order for them to have a wider platform to pronounce truth.

In Paul's letter to the Romans, he says, “If you share in the spiritual things, you are indebted to share in the material things”. How in the world can someone who walks outside of their Christ mind, spiritually bless those Enlightened Ones who transcends the spiritual realms ministering before the Most High day and night? How, pray tell, can someone who have not come into the realization of their Christ-hood, even pray effectively for one who was appointed to intercede before the throne on their behalf? 

The true ambassador  should not have to ask for support.  Neither should the true representative charge for what has revealed.  However, the people should have an strong sincere obligation and a conviction within their heart to support the chosen to release Word and Revelation. 

A satan is the same as a devil which is nothing more than a state of mind. This negative mindset is formed by mans ideas, thoughts, actions and self power conjured up in mans consciousness, to make us believe that we are inherently evil. This is a state of mind that believes against Christ consciousness. As I have said before and will continue to say, one either have the mind of a Christ or the mind of antichrist. One either walks as a Christ-man or an antichrist-man! 

Divine Law is Spiritual! “Whatsoever a man thinks within his heart, so is he”. If a thing is in ones heart, it has been a thought that has initiated and prompted a reaction for the workings of Divine Law. Universal Divine Law does not discriminate. It does what it is suppose to do!  What we command it to do! All of nature must obey! How can one think that they can partition the Most High, evoking a Divine Universal Law to reap the benefits of blessings and totally eliminate the fact that the  same Law will also produce a reaping subsequent to our negative thoughts and actions? 

How can one reject Divine Law thinking that they will neither reap the benefits of positive or reap the consequences of negative? If one thinks thus, they are not a 'believer'! This is why  prayers do not come to fruition or materialize in the physical realm. This is one reason why the doctrine of demons, satan and a devil is so damaging to the thought process of receiving a renewed mind! 

We have been told about a satan and a devil and demons which has become a part of most Christians everyday life. They get up fighting themselves and against the nature of the Christ-man within them! They have accepted that there are entities that they must fight against, however, they have not accepted that these entities are a figment of their thoughts and made up in their own imaginations! They are strongholds that must come down!  Dysfunctions that must be dealt with and released!

We do not war according to our fleshly unregenerate nature but we pull on the divine power within, to destroy speculations and every lofty thought that raises itself up in our mind. This we accomplish by taking every thought captive to the obedience of the Christ within us! Ready to push every  contrary thought aside, eliminating it from our through process!  Do not feed an organism and it will die.

Therefore, consider this, if you are confident within yourself that Christ is within, know that as Christ is, so also are we! 

The human body was created for the earthly side of heaven or to reside in a mental and physical realm. The Kingdom of Heaven is not eating, drinking or acquiring the tangible, things that appeal to our sensuous and sensual nature of which this earth has to offer. The Kingdom of Heaven is living in peace, joy and happiness in Spirit. Living an abundant life in our spiritual inheritance as  Christ and joint-heirs with Christ. That's Heaven! The material things are merely added benefits! 

We were spiritual beings long before we were created physical beings. We walked in the metaphoric  Garden of Eden! Spiritual beings has always had a choice. We have always had free will to do or not to do.

Apostle Darrell Kinsey says, "we are the physical manifestation of the Mind of  the Most High. Earth is the training ground in which Spirit brings life to flesh or the carnal man. Earth is man!" The concept of spirit separated from earth and heaven has the same implications of us being separated from Eloheem as eloheem. This is why we say that the earthly realm is a training ground for the physical body to be restored and transformed back into the spirit realm. 

Just think about it! Everyone's trying to get there! To that place where the heart and mind are being restored back to perfection or recollection of I AM! That is to say a better place or state of being or spirituality or whatever word one may want to call it!--Utopia, Nirvana, Expanding Consciousness, Enlightenment, Keter, Heaven or Paradise! The whole point of our way of life is for one to reach their highest level of spiritual awareness! 

Christianity seems to be the only 'religion'  that have not come into the knowledge of themselves being transformed from one level of being to another level or from faith to faith and glory to glory as so many verbally say. However, those truths has yet to become impregnated within their thought process to give birth to reality!  

They reject philosophical and scientific facts of reality will dull ones senses that will enhance their spiritual awareness and growth. Lord forbid them to look into what other groups outside their definition of Christianity is.  Religion have perverted and twisted Scriptures to fit into their doctrines Instead of allowing the Scriptures to reveal itself, they are stuck in a box of tradition and erroneous teachings of the elementary basics of the Christ concepts. Many are offended at the Christ-man or the true concepts of 'Christ In-Us' revelation. They keep their Christ hung on a cross, yet proclaim that he is Risen!  

Oh, every one says it. However, just as many do not have the true revelation of it! This is why Paul admonishes us to press pass the rudimentary basics of Christ. There is more! There is something infinitely Higher! Being restored and transformed back into a Christ-man to become 'I AM' is the highest hope of the existence of man! 

Many who called themselves learned and spiritual have come against these truths. As a result, there are a lot of people who reject Truth clinging to the basics of “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so”. They are unable to accept Truths that would bring those words to reality and actually manifest within their lives. 

Yet, all the while their saying 'come Lord Jesus', not knowing that he is already here! Singing the songs that proclaim, “the Spirit of the Lord is here, I can feel it in the atmosphere'. Sadly, not being able to get pass the feel-good sensations that would prep them to come into another level of spiritual awareness and insight. They are totally unaware that there are higher levels of Spiritualism, that Mother Wisdom, the Shecaniah Glory, the Holy Spirit  is welcoming Her children with open arms. All they have to do is open the door! Turn that knob! 

The majority of leaders have attended seminary (which many of us call cemetery) gaining some other humans intellectual knowledge, concepts, thoughts and mindsets of a linearized   and intellectualized religion; church building techniques and the like, with a host of programmed concepts to occupy the mind and time of the people. Therefore, they are taught to appeal to the carnal nature and the intellectual side of man. No, there is nothing wrong with one educating oneself.  However, we must learn to balance the natural with the spiritual.

When one puts more credence behind the titles and initials than truth and the ways of institutional thinking for truth, you get a bunch of 'Babes' that think they know!  They think that their way is a better way, so they want to start their own ministry in order to do it their way. Therefore, we've got a lot of unhappy Christians working and trying to save others, instituting programs and groups trying to ease that hunger inside of them. They go to church every Sunday leaving unfulfilled still hungry for Truth.  They have separated themselves from the god within. 

It is not rejection that bothers me, it is knowing, watching and seeing the people walking in error. Ever learning but never coming into the knowledge of Truth. It is knowing that many have not accepted true redemption into the life they were purposed or created for. It is that they neglect so great salvation thinking they have it, therefore never receiving it. 

However, even in that, I know that everything has its purpose. I know that many eyes have been blinded to truth for the sake of the Children; the true inheritors of the Kingdom. Those whose names are written in the Book of Life; those who were born in ZION!
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