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If one is In-Christ, one is in Truth. If one is in Truth, one is in harmony with Universal Divine Law of Life and Liberty. There is therefore NOW NO condemnation for those who are 'In-Christ'! For the Law of the Spirit of Life, which dwells within those who are 'In-Christ' or those who walk in their Christhood has been set free from the law of sin and death! 

What do I mean when I say one is 'in-Christ' or in Christhood?  Christ simply means 'Anointed One'.  I am not talking about a fleshly (wo)man but an anointed (wo)man--A Christ Man!  A Christ man is one who walks in  Christ Principles towards the fulfillment of their Life-Purpose while here on earth.

The Law of Liberty governs life within the Universe! This Law cannot help but to do what it is suppose to do! It cannot help but to obey its Creator! Its Creator have the power of spoken word to speak life. 

One who looks intently at the perfect Law of Liberty and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer is one who will ascend the spiritual realms into their Life-Purpose. The  the Law of Liberty, which is governed by Spirit, can be fulfilled in humans that they may not walk  according to the flesh; but in a renewed mind of thoughts in harmony with the Law of Liberty in Spirit. This is what will bring life and peace!  
The mind that is unrenewed is set on flesh and the carnal things; the temporary things versus the eternal things. 

The flesh is hostile against  all that of which is good. Neither can the fleshly mind or thoughts be subject the Divine Law for it does not have ability to do so! However, those who dwell in Christhood are they who  becomes creators of their own destiny. This i why humankind was given free-will. Humans have the choice to dwell in the rudimentary basics of life or enter into life more abundantly.

Therefore, if one dwells in Christhood, although the flesh is dead, the spirit is alive because of righteousness. We are the righteousness of G-D or should I say we are righteous as gods if we dwell in Spirit. The Spirit puts to death the deeds of the body and all who are led by the Spirit  are the Sons and the Sun of Righteousness shines within them!  

Indeed the Sons, the true inheritors of the Kingdom are culpable to and adhere to the Commandments or the 42-Principles of the Ancients of Days and have the "Testimony as a Christ, which is the Spirit of Prophecy"! These are they who has ability to overcome the problematic situations described in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 and the image, mark, name and number of the beastly System of those who are antichrist. These are they who have not given their power to the beastly Systems or have taken their power back from the dark forces that have, in the past, ruled this earth. They have a renewed mind, a restored mindset who has made the Shift into the new spiritual energy and restoration of divine consciousness into their heavenly inheritance. This Shift into the new paradigm of spiritual consciousness will transmutate humans beyond the veil and bridge the gap, to enter into the New Jerusalem, the New Heaven, the New Earth now.    
Those who are antichrist are they who oppose the Laws and Principles of  the Creator and who teach men to do so. But the Sons walk in their Christ mind releasing Truth from ZION. 
I have a new found depth of understanding to the phrase, "Give me liberty or give me death"! Although this sentiment was not accorded to slaves, John Henry surely received his revelation of freedom and what it was like to live an abundant life; uttering: "Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power"! He was speaking of war, yet, I too, speak of warfare! Of donning the appropriate attire by renewing one's thought process and utilizing the power that has been placed at our disposal to gain liberty! 

Should we continue to reject the very tools placed within our reach? Should we deny divine knowledge and power given to humans through the very Laws that if we make proper use of them would bring us into God Consciousness and mastery over our life?  

My Metron and the message that I have been given is to proclaim Restoration. Therefore, all that I do, all that I am given will deal directly as well as indirectly to being restored. All of messages will appeal to one's renewal of their thought process and restoration back into that perfect image as elohim. 

The message of Restoration is the very tool we humans need to survive as a people and make the shift into this new energy of spiritual awakening. I have experienced and utilized those tools of which has brought me into Christhood and Restoration. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that the message of Restoration will bring human beings into their divine inheritance. 

I then stay within the scope of my authority as we all should. The authority within my Metron is to serve as an oracle of the Most High; to channel, point and teach others how to receive and walk in the Christ Principles or whatever one wants to refer to them as. This is walking in Spirit and Truth! 

I teach how we can receive Liberty to live life as a heavenly citizen in perfect harmony with G-D, with respect and honor to the god in other humans; to love, honor and respect the earth (Gaia) from wince humans came into the Universe as elohim, right now on earth! 

Many will get it, many will not get it! Many will attempt to take these new divine Principles into an old era that has passed; Old religious, political and worldly Systems that lack integrity are not sanctioned by the Divine. They just will no longer work in this shift of energy!  "You cannot put new wine into old wine-skins". This was a metaphor given in a parable to humans for such a time as this shift change of spiritual consciousness. You cannot take the old energy into this new spiritual energy of consciousness. 

Only those who have a sincere desire to respect, love and honor others, G-D and this earth in which we live, are they who walk in Christhood; their fullest spiritual potential, growing in righteousness with integrity; it is they who will understand and get it. 

Have you not heard in your Scriptures that "YE ARE GOD'S"? Therefore, because you do not understand do not negate or reject this message of Restoration! But study to show yourself approved worthy to receive such revelation of these Mysteries! 
There are divine beings who have been placed on earth for the sole purpose of releasing love and light. These "Old Souls" have experienced much and it is through these experiences that a royal nation of peoples will rise.  We, therefore, are qualified and can 'Point" one in the direction they should go from an experienced perspective; from the perspective of godly characteristics and the light we  have been given. Therefore, do not allow human personal characteristics keep you from receiving truth.

We are spiritual beings in a physical body. Therefore, we release that which is spiritual through our human character. NOT from another human or someone else thoughts of how we should act, speak, release etc. 

Therefore, do not let the way that I, or anyone else, for that matter,   as an oracle and channel of these spiritual concepts or other spiritual leaders who present Truth; allow our personal proclivities keep you from receiving Truth. Not many leaders are receiving the revelations being released today. Therefore, they are unable to release because they are dwelling in the old paradigm and have nothing to release. However, one must be able to rightly discern.

Many of you may still be at a loss as to the terms in-Christ, Christ-mind, Christ-hood and Christ-man. This is because religion teaches that there is only one Christ and they call him Jesus. Therefore, they have created an entire belief system on a man and it is difficult for them to see that we are all children of the Most High here on this earth to receive our inheritance as Sons and Joint-heirs as a Christ through the same Principles that Christ left behind--The Christ Principles. 

Lord knows that I have read many on Facebook and many articles attempting to explain a way of life of which they have not experienced. Therefore, many times their interpretation is way off! Perhaps they are repeating something they heard someone else say. One cannot effectively teach something they have not experienced or have not been given personal revelation of. One cannot teach what they do not know.

What  the spiritual one's release reflects their experiences and spiritual maturity, our level of knowledge in revelation, and depth of relationship with the Most High. Most often, these revelations are beyond the comprehension of others, particularly those who reside in the lower flows and levels of religion or those who lack maturity. Truth and revelation will seem unorthodox. Indeed it is! 

We have all be there, therefore there is nothing to be ashamed of. To stay there, within the lower flows and a lower consciousness, in that old energy is the shame! We all should be ever growing and maturing no matter what level because The Universal Divine Creator is infinite! Only Spirit can work us through a concept making it a reality in our life.

Those who walk in the Law of Liberty are easily identifiable. Just as those who walk outside the scope and authority of their Calling who have "taken the Kingdom by force"; the fakers or babes are easily identifiable. The awakened and enlightened ones have the uncanny ability to quickly discern those on different levels; and, those who are bound by tradition. 

However, in-Christ, Christ Mind, Christ-hood Christ Consciousness and Christ-man are all terms that express  renewal,  regeneration and resurrection as gods. 

Renewal Regeneration or Resurrection of ones self-will, their mind and their emotions  will reunite the spirit and soul  to become restored back into the divine  will, character and nature from godlessness in their Life-Purpose as a Christ. This is done through the Christ Principles.

Christians says that the only way to the Father is through Christ! This means that one must walk and think as a Christ in order to become One with G-D! The inner witness, which is Divine Spirit attests to the fact that we are a divine representation of the Creator.

The Sons have come into their inheritance have been charged to teach and bring the Children into the reality of Christhood and Heaven as heavenly citizens here on earth, now!

Humans must renew their thought process and certainly their fleshly and traditional concepts and definitions to  divine thoughts and ideals. It is NOT robbery to be identified as a Christ! It is NOT sacrilege to become a Christ! It is NOT blasphemous to walk in Christhood. Christians know that YAHshua's or Jesus' name is NOT Christ!  Christ was the epithet used to describe the god man within the fleshly man.

Christ is a superlative which identifies one as being anointed--An anointed one! How many of you have prayed for and seek the anointing in your life? What were you really asking? You were asking  to become a Christ, pure and simple. So, then, why do religious folks, in particular, Christians have a problem with mankind receiving the Promise of Life abundantly and Liberty, walking in their Inheritance of Christhood? 

The Cross  of crucifixion is dying to one's self will, egos, mind and emotions that Spirit can sanctify us bringing us into a Christ-man anointing to be consecrated and set apart that our consciousness will be resurrected.  This is where we can learn to know  our Life-Purpose and to be restored as one with the Divine Creator. That is to become One! That is to transcend the spiritual realms. That is DIVINE UNION!

Hotep Light One Love
Apostle Rubie James

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