Monday, January 2, 2012


As above so below! As inside so it is outside. For every action there is a reaction. As the soul man (mind, thought, feelings and spirit) is on the inside,  so shall the character of that inner man be reflected outwardly.

What one thinks and who one are within is what will materialize in the physical world. "As a man thinks within his heart so is he." Therefore, if a change is needed, if one does not like their exterior circumstances, it is up to them to change it. If you do not like what your experiencing, what and/or how your doing, your thoughts and actions must change to reflect the effect that you desire. 

You are the one who must change. However, most often we set about trying to change others when the problem lies within  us!  It is what we see in others that is really within or is a part of our character or shortcomings.

As one change their self-will, mind and emotions, their mind becomes renewed as Spirit creates the exterior circumstances that brings one into right thinking. Therefore, regeneration of the thought process invokes the Laws that governs Life--Divine Law, in particularly, the LAW OF LIBERTYreleasing corresponding actions that would bring one into their Christ Consciousness. 
A renewed mindset is an integral part of living a successful life. Receiving ability and capacity to change one's circumstances from within requires a working knowledge of Universal Divine Laws. Those who want to grow and ascend to higher levels of spirituality and freedom must understand the workings of Divine Universal Laws. 

Many categorize spiritual Laws and Laws of Nature separately. However, how can one separate the Divine Energy many call G-D?  The Creator is the I AM that!  That Divine Energy and Matter is forever creating, causing us to grow and change, becoming renewed into that perfect image and likeness of a Divine Creator! It is because of Divine Universal Law that all other Laws exist! Divine Spirit is Law! 

One must first admit that Law exist. Learn to visualize these Principles at work in your life now and how you can use them to create positive circumstances to speak those things that are not as though they are. To use these Laws to change your life into the one that you want.

Understanding Laws and how they work are the foundation of life! 

We know that if we throw a ball into the air that the Law of Gravity dictates that it will come down! We know that if we mix magenta and cyan we get blue or mix cyan and yellow we will get the color green. It doesn't matter who throws the ball, it will still come down. Neither does it matter who mixes the colors, the principles are still the same! One will still end up with blue or green! Why, then do we have such a difficult time understanding and utilizing the other Laws that are so important to living an abundant life that will bring us into our Life-Purpose? 

We were created as gods with ability and capacity to create with a spoken word. Our words were first a thought and thoughts become things. Just as the Creator spoke "Let there be" and it was, so must we! Whether or not we accept this fact, we will be creating a situation every day of our life. So then why not control what it is that we create? It only makes sense! 
With a working knowledge of Law, we create positive situations in our life! We must utilize the power that have been entrusted to us! Instead of rejecting the Law looking for miracles to fall down from the sky! Looking for a change to come in someones life by pushing them over backwards! We must change our mindset to reflect our god-given power to not only create but to tap into that Divine Energy, those Divine Thoughts that says, "Yes We Can"!

The Divine Creator went within creating space, emitting energy or light particles in order to create or recreate and reposition and harnessed energy into form or physical matter. Before the Worlds first came to be, there was a thought in Divine Universal Mind. Then the spoken words, "Let there be"! And there was... 

As the Creator did, so must we. I know, many of you are still having a difficult time  accepting that we are Christs or 'anointed ones' whose very purpose is to become ONE with the Creator. I am saying that we are gods! Not only am I saying that we are gods but that we have been given the power to create! 

However, we must go within ourselves, using that creative power within to censor and analyze our thoughts, getting rid of all thoughts that has nothing to do with maintaining basic life's principles. Divine Spirit will then implant or impregnate us with god-thoughts that will aid us in the creation process.

In order for one to come into their creative power and thoughts or even come into Christ Consciousness, one must allow Spirit to renew and re-align whatever is in the mind. 

The mind is merely the storehouse of thought. Our thoughts are made up of everything we have experienced growing up; our environment; our familial status; financial status and a host of other sociological, physiological and psychological traits, good and not so good. Therefore, we must take inventory getting rid of those things that has become a detriment to our spiritual and mental health, growth and well being. 

This is done by us relinquishing all that we thought that we knew. Those doctrines that were perhaps pushed down our throats that we accepted because everyone else did or it was the thing to do. We must let go of those things that emulate someone else or a message that was given to someone else that has been plagiarized and regurgitated. We must let go of those characteristics that  mimic someone elses habits  or sayings like: turn to your neighbor and say, he is not talking about me or some such foolishness!  

Spirit will then begin to teach, lead, guide and direct us in life, giving us our own divine ideas and thoughts that would propel us deeper into Truth. 

This propulsion draws us into a new spiritual dimension creating a desire within to know more as Spirit draws us in, wooing us. Giving us just enough that we begin to search for Her Wisdom as lost treasures! 

The more you search, the more She gives; the more you desire, until you find yourself exhausted in a good kind of way. This is so that you will rest in contemplation while Spirit works out the realities within you. While in the resting stage, you begin to see scattered light as pieces of a puzzle coming together until there is this bright light of knowing...Then you know and you see that it was worth all the searching. You can see how much you have learned as Mother Sophia Wisdom   withdraws Herself giving you opportunity to see your accomplishments before She begins to woo you again into Her Secret Chambers.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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    1. YHVH works in mysterious ways! Thank you for your comment Beloved! May the grace and blessings of our Creator rest with, in and through you that you may fulfill your mission in life! Shalom Blessings Agape!
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      In HIS Love and Truth,
      Apostle Rubie James