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Divine Universal Law has always existed and will always exist. All law is because of Divine Universal Law and exists because of it! For those of you who thinks, believes and teaches that the Christ-man many call Jesus 'did away with the Law' and that the Law contained in Torah or the so-called Old Testament is no longer binding; that humans are no longer governed by a divine law but grace', you error against yourself and create a rift in the fabrics of unity and healing of society.

It really does not take that much to figure out what is wrong with the church today. They are out of Order! When the people learn to come into Divine Order and come under Divine Law, they will be able to meet their true Mission—A Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, Living Stones being built up into a Spiritual House as a Christ--a United Nation!

Allow me to let you all in on a little secret! There is no African church, there is no European church, there is no American church, there is no Asian church, there is no Latino church, there is no Australian church! There is only the Divine Universal Body! Whether one wants to believe it or not, we are all connected. We are connected by Divine Energy and Spiritual Matter. We are connected through thought waves and vibrations. We all are culpable to Universal Divine Laws. If we can grasp the divine idea that our thoughts become things that have an effect on our life and those around us to either destruction or success, we shall at once recognize the utter futility of our selfishness, and lawless natures.

However, to say that the Law set in order and used to create no longer exists, because we are in a dispensation of grace; and, that grace took its place, is the silliest thing that anyone can ever believe. Just think about it! That is just like saying that grace took the place of gravity and we no longer need gravity and that gravity is not tenable  for us today.

Just as Divine Law has always and will always exist, so will gravity. Electric energy and matter has always existed. However, until Sir Isaac Newton thought about and contemplated on the change of velocity or acceleration of an apple falling from a tree, he would not have understood nor come up with the Universal Law of Gravitation. Yet, the Law was already in existence. If Thomas Edison or Ben Franklin had not gained knowledge of William Gilberts term 'electricity', they would have never received knowledge to harness that 'static' energy called the Law of Electricity!

Therefore, Divine Law, as set forth in Torah is the basic guideline and pertinent to living and growing into our created purpose, having dominion with clarity, while sojourning through this physical existence to reach a higher spiritual realm! This is our destination! Call it heaven, call it paradise, call it rebirth, call it nirvana, call it reincarnation...It doesn't matter what one calls it, it is certain that we all have a destination. So then, why not live as if we have purpose within the guidelines, knowledge and positiveness that Divine Universal Law rewards us with, if we grasp and utilize its concepts walking in its principles working them for good?

English Poet, John Milton wrote: The mind in itself and in its own place can make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell.” This is why I teach that the Kingdom of Heaven is a state of mind. One can either accept to reside in heaven or hell; be a pessimist or an optimist. Release positive thought or negative thought.

Yahshua-Jesus says, "Unless you are converted and become like children you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven". What was He saying? What does it mean to enter into the 'Kingdom of Heaven'? It means to humble yourself having no preconceived notions, innocently, inquisitively willing to learn. 

To convert means to change ones mind and actions. To be converted means to turn in another direction; to turn around again; to reverse ones actions and performance. To turn around again implies that one was previously in a place and/or state. This means that one must be restored or return to that they once were.  To restore or renew is to do a new thing; to go forward to make haste to change to grow up!

A child is innocent! Their mind is forever inquiring and learning of the wonders of life. Then we start to teach them imposing our thoughts, experiences and lifestyles upon them. This is what Christ was talking about when He said, "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, is better that a millstone be hung about the neck and that he be cast into the sea..." 

The millstone depicts a weight of bondage and confirmation to the earthly way or the selfish beastly  nature of an unchanged or unconverted human.

This is the Law of Cause and Effect. If we are walking in error, imposing our personal proclivities upon others, particularly our children, the effect of our actions will certainly be revisited upon us drowning us in the sea of contempt and/or error. Our negative or erroneous inclinations are revisited because we forgot or lost memory of our godhood. 

We then strayed from or attempted to circumvent the effects of misuse of law  in our lives by walking around them or ignoring them. As a consequence, it was just like walking into a pool of quicksand. We forgot the law of gravity and resistance! The more we struggled, trying to free ourselves, the quicker we sunk into lawlessness forgetting the principles that would ultimately set us free bringing us back into right thinking!
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