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A formidable picture has been painted of various grotesque beasts that looks like a dragon with many faces and all types of imaginative monstrous creations. Perhaps with human bodies or human features. The ‘Beast’ spoken of in the book of the Prophets and Revelation has been incorporated into last day, end of the World expose explained away most often as 666, the antichrist, the false prophet etc.

This beast, which is often seen in a dream or vision was described by the Prophets in prophetic prose and a manner and verbiage consistent with the thought of that day. 

True Prophets or the Enlightened Channels speak in prophetic prose. Not that they acclaim to be so holy, which they are but what they speak are spoken words, thoughts, and impressions that must be translated into a language that humans can understand. 

I have heard many incapable of receiving prophetic revelation speak against those, mocking them as being to spiritual. However, that is G-D talk and that's the way  it is! Period! Try explaining a computer to someone who does not know what a computer is. This same concept holds true in converting the holy language of The Most High into a language that would be understood by all humans no matter what their tongue is; no matter what their culture, nationality or race. The oracle receives at their level of understanding and spirituality but must tailor what they receive, without loosing the intent, to relay what has been revealed.

Most often, the depictions of and the descriptions of the beast the prophets received in a dream or vision was of something or someone so horrific that the only way to describe it was in a metaphoric language of prophetic prose, beastly terms and verbiage. The dream or vision was so catastrophic and contrary to the Will, Way and Character of a Divine Creator that the only way to relate to these deplorable and unholy phenomenons was as an animalistic organism that was antichrist; an event of entity so totally opposed to and so opposite to the Character of the Creator that it was called and is a Beast!

 2014 Radio station owner, Harold Camping insisted
 that the world was coming to an end for the Third time.
The definition of the word beast is popularly considered a mammal which is distinguishable from humans. The euphemisms used in metaphorical sometimes rhetorical verbiage by the prophets, were used to describe the acts of someone who is crude, evil and displays an unholy nature common to humans

These unnatural, unregenerate lower life forms are described in biblical terms as something dangerous, venomous, and an encounter with evil furious men. This beastly nature  of the unregenerate man are they who deny or opposes Truth. They perpetuate and exalt death control and delude humans into believing that death is the only way to eternal life and getting into heaven. 

This is why the Creator distinguished clean beasts from unclean. The clean was to overpopulate the unclean seven times. Yet the unclean are beneficial in that they are vultures who maintain the earths balance by eating dead things; they prey on the weak, sick and diseased.

Since most ‘end-time’ prophecies were given and had something to say to us from the era they were spoken, for another time to come, the Prophet often times was not given a full understanding or revelation of them. They received only parts of revelation that was meant for and were relevant to the people of that era, with a view into their own future. 

Both Daniel and John were told to seal up the prophecies in books as the prophecy and the revelations of them were for an appointed time of the end.

The very word revelation is to  revealed or disclosed, especially a the action of making new or secret information known; something not before realized. 

In Theology, the word revelation is a disclosure of the Character,  Will and Mind of the Creator to His creations. The book Revelation means to take the cover off; to expose, to disclose the meaning of. Or the Greek 'apokalupsis' is the uncovering , especially of the Glory of the Christ-Man and of what the future holds for humans. 

In the Hebrew thought, it is the revelatory disclosure and release of the ultimate Divine Purpose of the Most High for mankind. 

The term revelation has become popularly known and termed as a cataclysm in which the forces of good triumph over the forces of evil and any universal or widespread destruction or disaster that would usher in an Armageddon--an end of the earth.

Many believe that a nuclear war or such will cause the end of the world in complete destruction.

This is because of the misuse and misinterpretation of the word Armageddon.  The last more popular term has been built upon false suppositions, erroneous religious hypothesis, false teachings and traditions of men, which has been distorted from its true meaning, masked and covered over by enemies of the a divine race of humans.  

All the gloom and doom is inconsequential and deterrents set up to keep the people in a state of confusion, chaos and ignorance from reaching their Heaven now and their goal of Divine Union while here on earth.

While I do not discount war, I do know that the prophetic unveiling of  the divine Purpose for mankind while on this earth is a total and complete restoration and transliteration back into that Perfect Image and One with the Most High as I AM! I call this Divine Union. This is in preparation for mans ultimate divine Purpose and goal of receiving a glorified body when their 'end-time' comes.
"War has returned to the Ivory Coast in the form of massacres, mercenaries, a besieged capital, and a humanitarian nightmare.  The conflict in Cote d'Ivoire escalated reaching Abidjan.  These photos was taken with a cell phone from a passerby.  Many Christians lost their lives.  There has been much devastation with no relief or intervention from the UN or the USA for at least   those who need it most. 2011
Now, is that time to remove the cover. Now is the time to make the Shift into the new paradigm; a new consciousness--a god consciousness. 

Knowledge is increasing along with revelations for this new age. The Ancients of Days has been and is now revealing the books of prophecies to enlighten humans. There are spiritual and earthly beings who has been positioned to guide humans into all truth. These beings, channels, oracle,  or prophets all  walk in the prophetic and having gone through life's experiences who has ascended and traverse the spiritual realms.  

Those who accepted the call were hand-picked and chosen, trained, chiseled and fashioned in order to release love and light into a dark world. These were born in ZION and to ZION they will return! 

These enlightened ones were appointed as the Foundations to build up and teach the people that of which they have received from the Most High.

Truth and true spirituality is often hard for many who are religious to receive. It is a glorious thing for those who have Overcome! This is the patience and perseverance of the Saints! They keep the Law and have the Testimony of a Christ.

I have said many times and will continue to say, one either have the mind of a Christ or the mind of antichrist! If one does not think with their Christ mind or from an illumined mind they are thinking in an unregenerate beastly mindset which is anthchrist!

The Beast is nothing more than the unregenerate, unrenewed mind in man who usurp power and authority over humans! The Image of the Beast are they who give power to the beast adhering to their arrogant words, falsehoods, traditions and blasphemies against the Creator; the Name; the Tabernacle or that is to say, “those who dwell in 'Heaven'.

Those who follow the beastly character and image, their purpose is to come against truth and to make war with the Saints; those of royal heritage and divine DNA. 

That animalistic untamed nature and character of a beast are those who will receive nothing because they are stuck in the lower flows of rebellion, disobedience and other acts of immorality. They are clothed in scarlet and drunk with the blood of the Saints. Just as the people died out in the wilderness not able to cross over into the Promised Land; these are they who will die out of the way others might make the Shift into  the new paradigm, becoming a New man to enter into the New Heaven and Earth or the New Jerusalem. 

Scarlet represents whordom and represents those who commit spiritual idolatry and adultery. They cause many to follow them as they dwell in error. They stumble at justice; they stagger from drinking the wine of the blood of the Elect; they reel while having visions; they totter when rendering judgment. All their tables are full of filthy vomit! To whom will they teach knowledge? To whom would they interpret the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just taken from the breast?

Upon their forehead, is the name Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and the Abominations of the Earth! They speak, “Order on order, line on line, here a little, a little there. They speak to the people through stammering lips and a foreign tongue saying here is rest, here is reprieve, here is no Law! This is a metaphor to engraved or put into ones mind a negative images or thoughts that produces falsehoods, denigration and error of who the Creator is and to come against the god within.

Allow me let you in on a little secret, these passages of Scripture are not referencing those Christianity call the sinners! These are they who claim to be of the Household of Faith! These are they of whom the Scriptures were written and directed toward! The Bible was not written for the World but for Christians in order for them to have a guide to holy living and insight into the Character and Nature of  the Most High!

Therefore, Word, Truth and Revelation for them will be order on order, order on order, here a little there a little, line on line until they fall and stumble backwards, be broken, snared remaining a captive to their own sensuous selfish beastly nature.

The Hebrew euphemisms in monosyllables for order on order, line on line here and there a little (sav lasav, sav lasav, kav lakav, kav lakav, ze'er sham, ze'er sham) portray the imaginations of a babbling child mocking the enlightened one's and prophets teachings. This is the babbling of the childish unregenerate beastly mind of false teachers, false preachers, false prophets and false apostles counterfeiting those birthed from Divine DNA. These are the religious elite,  who plagiarize the messages of revelation being released for today. In today's verbiage, it would be the same as a bastard child taking that which belongs to the true inheritors, squandering the inheritance while slandering the inheritor saying na na na na na!

Those who call themselves the Elect and are not; woe unto those who teach the people to reject the god within them; to reject  and be disobedient to the Law of Life and Liberty! It is by this same Law that you are bringing judgment upon yourselves.

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