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The Sons are they who are growing into maturity, perfection or Teleios as a Christ. A Christ is a one who is spiritually transformed for a specific task. The Sons are both male and female who have matured or reached Teleios spiritually who know what their Life-Purpose is. 

Knowing ones Life-Purpose  is in accordance with the command, “Be Ye Perfect” ! 

You cannot tell anyone else who they are or guide them into ALL Truth, if you do not know who you are, your purpose,  and the Universal Message of Restoration, which includes a renewal and spiritual ascension.

So stop trying to save others and redeem yourself! Stop ramming what you do not fully understand or that you have not experienced or that of which you think that you know down someone else’s throat! It is about you! It is about you growing up! STOP attacking those who have matured to a point that they can and have been charged to build up a Body (Nations) of Christ', by any means necessary! 

Many have been chosen  to be Stewards of the Gospel of Truth and Oracles who receives Truth!  When someone is ready to receive Truth, Truth will come across their path.  Therefore, be careful how you entertain another as you may be entertaining a Divine Ancient One unaware.

Many of you have heard me talk about a Metron and use the word Teleios. I have included a glossary of terms in the free booklet 101 Things I AM for those of you who would like a point of reference to study and learn these words and other words given by the Spirit.  Believe that they have been researched, most of them for hours as Spirit led me through, not only the definition but  the revelation and most often the experience of these words. 

I also defined 'Teleios' in the message ‘Become Teleios as Sons’. I liberally used the word Teleios and Metron to keep from being wordy and Spirit has revealed Divine Mind and Intent pertaining to these words. 

Let me tell you something. Theose Chosen and Enlightened Ones  just do not go around looking for words or use vernacular to impress anyone and/or to sound holy! Therefore, those of you who accuses us of being too holy, you need to look into your own heart and get some understanding and revelation. Not only will you see that we are holy but that we all are the righteousness of  A Divine Universal Creator G-D and so are you if you receive it and walk in it!  Spirit will deal with us at whatever level, however, this does not preclude us from studying to show ourselves approved, yes?
The Sons have received revelation and has been given certain words to expand our thinking as we are brought into our Christ mind or our 'Anointed' mind. This is also another reason why a True Son can tell exactly where one is by what they say. The Sons all speak the same thing, perhaps in different verbiage because of our diverse level of understanding, semantics, learning ability, vocabulary and culture. Neither have we been called for the same purpose, however, should fit jointly together. Thank the Divine Creator for diversity!

Many of you teachers  know that students learn and retain information differently; some through visual presentations, some learn from hands on and others through auditory means.
Spirit deals with us where we are! If you have a high school level of grammar, this is the level at which you will receive revelation. Therefore, because someone else may have a collage or even a university level of grammar, there is no need to be jealous, denigrate or reject what they have been given because Truth testifies to Truth no matter what verbiage one uses. 
I would venture to say that those enlightened ones or those who operate within the Offices of Prophet and Apostle will be taught certain words at Spirit's discretion, beyond that of which they know. This is in order to stretch one so they will ‘study to show themselves approved’, and in order for Divine Spirit to reveal a particularly thing. 

For example, I was told that I was 'irascible'. I did not know what the word meant. I had never heard that word used before. Therefore, I had to look it up in order to get the definition to understand what Spirit was saying to me. 

I am a poor speller, therefore, I had to figure it out and it took me longer than I wanted looking for that one word. Had I not looked the word up, I would not have received revelation into what the Spirit  was giving or saying or what I was supposed to do with it. Yet, in my searching, it was revealed to me other things that I jotted down to search out later that had nothing to do with what was being revealed to me at the time.  

However, I am thinking (yeah, right…to myself), what has this got to do with what I am doing right now?  Well, If you do not want to know the answer to something, don't ask because you will certainly without a doubt get an answer!

I have been known to spend hours even days on one word, without even realizing it.  I actually heard my Niece, Lisa telling someone else about it.  My thought at the time was, I must be so very boring!
If the majority of people uses a  phrase intending it to be spiritual or godly, I will search it out. Why? I do not want mans definitions. I do not want to follow mans concepts of what they think the Creator says or who they 'think' that the Creator  is. I want the full  intent and I want to know the Heart of the thing.  I want to know the intent the Universal Divine Mind! If you are not going to search a thing out, rest assured that you will not receive the true revelation of it as intended for your Life-Purpose. 

Believe me, when I say, that everything is relevant! Spirit is not merely going to bake up a cake, put icing on it and spoon feed you. Like a flood, Spirit reveals as mighty flowing torrents, Truth flows. You can only catch that of which you can handle. 
I literally use to ask the Spirit to slow down or to repeat something that I did not get. This way, I can search and Mother Wisdom answers all of my questions until my spirit has been satisfied and I have received all that is relevant at that level and time. Therefore, revelation is there for the taking for those willing to search and receive—Shamah (hear and obey or apply). So, do not expect the true Son's to ‘dumb-down’ simply because you do not understand. It is difficult enough to receive holy diction, prophetic prose and then tailor or put it into words humans can understand.

When the Spirit of Truth comes and the fallow ground has been broken up, all things shall be revealed and they who Shamah--hear and obey, will come into maturity. However, never make the mistake of believing that there is not more beyond that you have received.

The Sons should be familiar with and the Elect should be more than familiar with both words Teleios and Metron. Teleios is to become perfect, mature, full-grown at whatever level one is. Metron is a word used specifically to denote the the enlightened ones or the Offices of Prophet and Apostle or those who have ability to tap into the spiritual vibrations of  Divine Universal Mind with their Christ mind or consciousness. Only Spirit can touch Spirit! 

However, the word Metron can be used by inference as well to denote the positions within Christianity the 5-Fold Ministry. This is because those within this Apostolic Order are usually or should be ascending, to "make the cut" up the Spiritual Corporate Ladder in the Spiritual Royal Household i.e, enlightened to be able to give answers, rightly dividing the Word of Truth as a workman who needs not be ashamed, to those in need who want to know.
I lived in a small town in New Mexico where there was a church and/or assembly on every corner it seemed. The population was so small that  all could have be serviced in one building. One pastor thought that he would question me. (As a woman in ministry and a Black one [of two] in that little raciest town). As Spirit finished speaking through me, I had mentioned the 5-Fold Ministry, he said, ”What is a 5-Fold Ministry?” Well, I gracefully said something general allowing him to think whatever, and ended the conversation. However, I was embarrassed for him and he should have been ashamed. Yet the Spirit wanted to show me something.
A Metron is defined as the ‘measure’; ascertained, by a “Fixed Order” or a “Fixed Standard”. Metron is the degree of, and the power, and the Delegated Authority given in a Call, particularly, to an Election and those who has reached ‘full capacity’ at the highest ascension in the spiritual level they are walking; having reached perfection.  That was a mouthful!  Contemplate on it! These Teleios walk in maturity at the ‘measure’ of their spiritual consciousness of anointing and faith.

A measure is given to each of us according to our obedience and like faith as we walk from faith to faith, ascending round to round, level to level into maturity wherever we have been ‘positioned’. Like obedient faith, like measure, like anointing.--Like for like!
To each of us grace is given according to the measure of the Christ Principles which were the gifts given to men. “He gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelist, and some as pastors and teachers for equipping of the Saints, for work of service, to build up a ‘Body of Christ’s’ until we all attain to the Unity of Faith and knowledge of a Son to a mature (Teleios) man”. However, we can only “receive to the measure of our statue or our spiritual mind, which is our fullness as (a) Christ!
This ‘fullness’ ensures that we are no longer children tossed about with every wind of doctrine, but grownup in all aspects.  As Paul states, having gone beyond the elementary basics of the Christ! We have “been built upon the ‘foundations’ of the Apostles and Prophets.  The Christ (Principles) as the ‘Cornerstone’. This is how you become “no longer aliens but fellow Citizens with the Saints and are of G-D's Household being built together into a dwelling of G-D as gods in Spirit”!

The Sons  are they who are growing into maturity, or perfection, who knows the three W's, as I say--Who, Why, What:  Who they are; Why they are here; and, What they are here on this earth to do.  They know their Life-Purpose. The Sons are they who ascend into the heavens from faith to faith,  glory to glory, at each level within each spiritual realm they dare to reach, becoming Teleios at every level.

Merely because one reaches perfection at their current level; I like to say, in their area of expertise, this does not mean that they stop growing or stay at that level! How many of you know that in order to maintain that expertise that you must have continuing education to stay atop in your field? This is what is meant by faith to faith and glory to glory. One continues to evolve (grow and change) and mature.
The Sons differ from the Children. Both are inheritors of the Kingdom and are obedient to Kingdom Principles. However, the Children are they who must mature prior to receiving their inheritance.

The Sons are disciplined and have endured chastening. The Sons have been through what I like to call the dissembling process; they have died to their self nature, mind, will and emotions in order to receive a renewal of mind, thinking, and walking as a Christ (Anointed One) in their purpose or their area of expertise. 

The Sons have received training and surly have endured and come through ‘the wilderness’ experiences that have taught them obedience to the Will, Commandments and Divine Law. This is in preparation to come into revelation of the Mysteries of the Kingdom or into ones Promised-Land and to cultivate Sacrificial love!   Therefore, the Sons have been entrusted with their inheritance—from faith to glory. 

They have matured to a point that they receive more responsibilities and  are able to accept and receive more  measure of anointing. The Sons will receive and grow at their own level as they receive ability and capacity to ascendfrom one spiritual level to the next.
There is no way that anyone can prove to me that they operate successfully within the 5-Fold Ministry or as a Spiritual leader or Guru in the anointing or fullness of Truth, if they are not obedient to the 'Will' or Divine Universal Laws! “The Will is protected by Law. The Will is not the Law but a document that the Law protects!” (Quote taken from the book LAW)
One cannot operate within the Will if they do not know how to or  do not know how to utilize the Laws that commands all of nature and rules within the spiritual and natural realms! Yes, anyone who speaks Word, that Word will accomplish  the purpose for which it  was spoken. Because the spoken “Word will NOT return void”! It is not because of the vessel used. If the Creator can use a 'jackass', the Spirit sho-nuff  can direct and use a disobedient 'ass' as well for the sake of the children. 

So, do not think because the anointing is present that it rests upon such a one. The anointing comes for purpose, not just to make someone feel good as they fall over backwards not receiving why the visitation of Spirit was there! The Shecaniah Glory or the Female Part of G-D; Her visitations are there to convict, teach, correct, tear down walls and reveal erroneous teachings, to heal and unite mind, body, spirit and soul; to bring enlightenment and  deport wisdom! She is Wisdom--Mother Sophia.

The Sons have the ‘Testimony of a Christ’, which is the Spirit of Prophecy and they ‘keep the Commandments, which is the basis of Law. These are the identifying ‘marks’ of the Sons! This is the ‘Seal of G-D’ and Mark of G-D!
The Sons carry the Seal of the Creator not the mark, name, image or number of the beast. The Sons have their Christ-mind not the beastly unregenerate mind or nature of antichrist.

The Sons walk the ‘Highway’ as a Christ-man, in the fullness of their measure. The Sons are they who dwell in maturity. It is the ‘Firstborn Sons’ who stand in line to inherit a double portion of grace and measure of fullness in their Metron.

"It was in the sons of disobedience whom among them we formerly lived in the lust of our own flesh, indulging the desires of the mind and were by nature dead as children of wrath". But when we came into the knowledge of  grace, we became alive. “In our obedience we are raised up in the heavenlies ‘a Christ’, that we may Grow in grace and maturity for good works, which God prepared before hand, that we should walk in. Therefore, since we receive the Kingdom, show gratitude that we may offer to God an acceptable service.” 
Whatever your Purpose come into maturity as a Son. Grow in grace and obedience. Serve well and you will be raised to perfection as Sons. With your eyes on the 'prize' continue to press forward toward the Higher Call as a spiritually anointed one so that Spirit can accomplish the work within you.

I pray that the eyes of our hearts may be enlightened so that we  may all know the hope of our  Calling and what the hope of our glory is.
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