Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Light Workers

The Spirit has said,  "The spirit of witchcraft has been launched against believers in the Faith. Many are being attacked  physically  and mentally but G-D says stand on the unshakable faith, which proclaims the Presence.  We will be delivered from the hands of the oppressor.  

Many have given up and have changed courses just as your break-through was about to come. Don’t you dare lose faith and give up!  What G-D has proclaimed to do will be done!  Where many stand is a place of defense.  If you fall, many others will fall as well.  A wall cannot remain if the foundation has been laid waste."

"Stand, I tell you to stand sure!  I AM about to do the likes of that which has never been seen for eons.  My people will succeed!  You will shine like a lighted city in the distance.  Many will come to you for refuge.  If your light has been dimmed with unbelief and wavering, where shall My people go?  I tell you the present is nothing compared to the glory that is to come.  Rest easy for I will come.  I will be like a warrior coming to the defense of fatigued soldiers on the battlefield. I will come as a rear-guard.  The enemy will see, throwing down their arms as I cover you with My Essence and strength.  Stand and fight!  Know that your G-D is near and ready to intervene on your behalf!"

Hotep, Light One Love 

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